PLEASE NOTE: We have updated the look of our site and also the menu recently, so this video is a little out of date but the instructions are the same, so please do watch to help you list your gorgeous products and reach more customers xx

Before listing your crafts or services for sale, please watch this help video which is full of essential tips to help your products get found and loved by customers. You'll be super confident listing your lovely crafts in no time 🙂

KEYWORDS/TAGS: For help creating Tags/Keywords the best thing you can do is think like a customer - "what they would type into Google" to find your products. However many Crafties like to use tools to help. Some popular ones are:
Marmalead - Sign up for a free 'Dabbler' account
Google Keyword Planner
KeywordTool - Free alternative to Google Keyword Planner
(Conscious Crafties is not affiliated to these companies)

Offer product options that DON’T alter price?

Want to give your customers a way of asking for options like colour, size, length?  Or maybe you want them to be able to add a personalised message to their product.
If the options don't alter the price, there's an easy way to add text boxes to your product for your customer to enter their options when they are purchasing.
You won't see a text box appear on your product listing screen, the magic happens on your product page for customers once you've published your product. Customers can fill in the text box(es) on the product page and once they've purchased, you will see their options appear on your order confirmation email and on your order within your Crafties Control Panel. Watch the video for full instructions:

Offer product options that DO alter price?

Currently adding options that alter product price is a little bit technical, so rather than melting Crafties brains, this will be done for you.
When listing your product, please clearly state the options and prices as a list at the TOP of your product DESCRIPTION. Save as 'DRAFT', then give Sonia Green or Joanna Hall a shout to request the options to be added for you. They will then add your price option boxes and remove the option list at the top of your description. They'll also publish your product for you 🙂
WARNING! Once the magic price option boxes have been added, please DO NOT AMEND your product. If you do the prices VANISH into thin air and your customers will be unable to buy. If you require anything on your product to be changed, please give Joanna or Sonia a shout who will be happy to make the changes for you.