How to add products

Selling your handmade crafts or services on Conscious Crafties is easy. Watch the video help guide and start listing your crafts for sale.

Offer product options that DON’T alter price?

You can add option text boxes to your product. The way to add these is a little odd, but bear with me… Scroll through categories till you find the section ‘Add Text Boxes’, under here you will see many categories like size, colour, charm etc. By ticking one or more of these, it will display a text box on your product page for the customer to enter their options when they buy. The customers options will then appear on your order confirmation email and on your order within your Crafties Control Panel. Watch the video for full instructions:

Offer product options that DO alter price?

Currently adding these type of options is a little bit technical, So rather than melting Crafties brains, this will be done for you for now. However, very soon the process will be simplified and you can add your own fancy options. Until then please clearly state the options available in a list with prices at the TOP of your product DESCRIPTION. Save as ‘DRAFT’, then give Karen Thomas or Sonia Green a shout to request the options to be added for you x