What’s Conscious Crafties?

We're a worldwide craft selling site with gorgeous gifts handmade by talented people living with CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS, DISABILITIES or are CARERS for loved ones.
BUY or SELL handmade crafts or HIRE our services. ALL customers welcome 🙂

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Patterned Hallmarked Sterling Silver Fiddler Spinner Ring
Patterned Silver Fiddler Spinner Ring
Purple and Gold Embroidered Ammonite Felt Cushion
Purple and Gold Embroidered Cushion

What is Conscious Crafties About

Not 'Just' a Craft Selling Site

Join a community of talented artists and crafters who are living a purposeful life by changing the way humanity perceives those living with Chronic Illness, Disabilities or Carers of those affected.

As you set up your very own Conscious Crafties online craft shop, you’ll be welcomed into an extended family of people who really care and understand your struggles and are there to celebrate every small win.
Your confidence grows
You no longer feel alone
You have a new direction and a sense of purpose
You start to create an income
You find your new safe and happy place where no one judges

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