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Rosalind Batty, North Mayo Art and PhotographyConscious Crafties has changed my life. It’s given me a purpose. Before I joined this amazing community I felt very isolated and alone and was losing all purpose. Knowing Karen and the rest of the amazing Crafties, is like being part of a family. We are all there to support each other, be a shoulder to cry on during the bad times, and there to celebrate through the good times. We all have different strengths, but together we make an amazing team, and we are all super talented. Karen is an amazing lady, and I feel extremely honoured to know her and be part of this amazing community that she has built from scratch for other chronically ill people to have a purpose again, and not just be seen for their conditions. Rosalind Batty, North Mayo Fine Art and Sew Roz

Laura McKee, Paprika Jewellery & AccessoriesConscious Crafties and Karen came in to my life whist I was in the midst of grieving for life before debilitating, chronic illness. It was still early days for the site; I was blown away by the support Karen gave me in setting up my shop and teaching me about online sales. I was welcomed to the group with great warmth and found it easy to join the friendly community. I quickly made friends and confidants; people who could empathise with what I was going through. I have made friends for life amongst this amazing group of people, who are always there for each other; celebrating successes, giving hope and providing comfort. The group only works because of Karen’s vision, inclusion and ambition. Being a Conscious Craftie is akin to wearing a badge of honour. I personally know that without this group, I would be struggling instead of being proud of all that I have achieved with help of my Craftie family. Laura McKee, Paprika Jewellery & Accessories

Dawn Irving Conscious Crafties Review“You have no idea what you have done for us all!! I cannot describe how much this Conscious Crafties community has come to mean to me since I got involved xxx” Dawn Irving, DawnyDTDesigns

Kay LucidWhen I was asked what Conscious Crafties meant to me I had to have a little think. Not because it means so little but because it means so much. As a carer I have always felt alone in the world. I have always worked hard but never really had a connection to anything but my hubby who I care for and my fur-babies. Outside friendships have been rare due to never being able to attend parties. Leave hubby alone or having to say I can not right now. Since joining the community this has all changed for me. I am more confident in myself. I no longer feel alone as there are other carers too who understand my struggle. It’s really boosted my outlook on life and my shop is doing so fantastic. I’ve never had so many sales outside of facebook. Thank you for giving me confidence and the love of others to inspire me. I honestly can’t find the best words to explain how much life has changed. Just knowing I have somewhere to come without judgment. Leave my heart and know it won’t be crushed. With the way my life has been I’ve always believed it was impossible to be so open and not go away crying. The world can be cruel but I feel safe here. I really feel complete now and I am so thankful to Karen for all her hard work and bringing us all together. Thank you for helping me find my purpose outside of just being a carer. I can never really find the right words to describe how this has changed my life. Kay Lucid, The Shiny Zone

Hazel Conscious Crafties ReviewConscious Crafties has given me a direction. It has given me beautiful friends who understand. . . No questions asked if I am having a bad time. That understanding alone is HUGE. Looking back now, if it wasn’t for Conscious Crafties, I would be stuck in that black hole. The support is great, everyone is so lovely and helpful even when they themselves are having a bad time of it. Its encouraged me to keep going with my crafts! Haze, Li’l h Crafts

Ceri Smith Cute Creations by CeriConscious Crafties has been a lifeline, when I was lost and heading down a dark slippery slope, its given me something bright & shiny to focus on and a new purpose. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a wonderful community xoxox
Ceri Smith, Cute Creations by Ceri

Dee Sandom, Share a lil HappinessI am very grateful to be part of such a wonderfully supportive, and positive community that is filled to the rafters with amazing, inspiring men and women; Gorgeous people who fight their way through pain and chronic illness every single day (or provide care) while not only crafting the most amazing, exquisite creations, but also supporting each other – through the ups and downs, through thick and thin. Our founder, Karen, has not only created a platform for disabled crafter’s to sell their creations while raising awareness of a whole range of invisible illnesses and disabilities, but she has also created a lifeline for us all… and I don’t know of anyone in our community that isn’t eternally grateful for that. I certainly am! Dee Sandom, Share a lil Happiness

Sonia Green S & J Crafting Creations“I absolutely love it here! Joined Conscious Crafties in the first week the website launched and had 5 sales in 3 weeks! Excellent customer service, very helpful and full of advice when listing your products to get the best visibility through Google” Sonia Green, S & J Crafting Creations

Joanna Conscious Crafties ReviewI could never have imagined, when I joined, the impact Conscious Crafties would have on my life. I have never known such a close-knit community of people who have never met. I have had some rough times in the past 12 months since joining, and I know there is always a friendly ear to listen, and so much support. I have made lifelong friends, some of whom I have had the honour to meet, but each one of the Crafties will always have a place in my heart. I have a craftie family, who understand me. Thank you to each and every one of you 😀 xxx Joanna Hall, Catching Dreams Crafts

Tracey Bolton, Transform a MugI have been with Conscious Crafties since the beginning and have watched how our community has grown, it’s been amazing to see. Karen has done such an amazing job bringing so many people all under one roof, the support that everyone has given each other with help and advice, a place to be able to sound off if your having a rough time. You couldn’t ask for a better place to be. I also love that Karen has also given us all the chance to show off our talents by providing a website for us to sell our crafts, we all have so many different talents. I have managed to sell so many of my gifts which I thought I wouldn’t be able to. You are an amazing person Karen and I thank you for letting me a part of our fab community. Tracey Bolton, Transform-a-Mug

Jenny Miller, Crafty MillerWe’re a huge family who enjoys what everyone else does and shares in each others success. Conscious Crafties is not just a place to sell my items, its a place to talk, to cry and to just be me. It’s started small but it has become a success thanks to the countless hours put in by Karen and the rest of the team and I know I will be here for the rest of my crafting life.
Jenny Crafty Miller, Crafty Miller

Leanne Llewelyn, Everybody Should Feel BeautifulI haven’t been with Conscious Crafties for that long, a few months but in those months I have met the most kind and caring people I’ve ever known. I’ve shared stuff to these wonderful people in the last few months that I have never even shared with my friends I’ve known for years. And the reason I think that is because I know I will not be judged or made to feel stupid. There is always someone there to make you feel you are not alone. And I truly thank everyone of you for that and also we get the added bonus of selling our crafts and ideas with each other xxxx Lea Llewelyn, Everybody should feel beautiful by Lea

Alison Cuthbertson, Alsorts Arts & Crafts

I am still a fairly new member of the Conscious Crafties community, but the benefits I have felt from being involved in it are immeasurable. Karen is an inspiration and nothing is ever too much trouble! Even when she has no energy left, she is busy giving more to us. The fact that we have this amazing support community has enabled me, a person who usually hides all fears and worries or makes light of them, to actually have a safe place to express myself without embarrassment. We can giggle together, cry together and celebrate together. Conscious Crafties is like having found innumerable missing family members all in one go! Alison Cuthbertson, Alsorts Arts and Crafts

James Parson, Coyote Rose Jewelry and GiftsConscious Crafties has become my crafting family! I have made some lovely friends and I get inspiration and support everyday. If Karen hadn’t set this up, I think I would have sunk and given up long ago! It’s also a safe place to vent our frustrations with our health and to celebrate the ‘glad’ things that happen together. James Parson, Coyote Rose Jewelry and Gifts

Samantha-Jane Jackson, Samantha-Jane JewelleryWhat does Conscious Crafties mean to me, it has made me feel useful for the first time in a long time. When I first started I was quite nervous, is my stuff good enough. I’m not the best with computers, I’m not good with wording things, I was in quite a panic. Then the amazing Karen Thomas came along, and held my hand all the way through. Now I feel as though I have made lots of friends all there to hold my hand when things are not good. In my personal life, as well as shop life. Its fantastic, I feel as though I have a purpose again. My health might hold me back sometimes, but everyone at Conscious Crafties is there in the background waiting. I hope that I can be there for people when they need me too. I think that makes us all FAMILY! Samantha-Jane Jackson, Samantha-Jane Jewellery

Sarah Kirkby, Boxes for YouI haven’t been with Conscious Crafties that long but one of the first things that I loved was how friendly everyone is and bless Karen Thomas she has done such an amazing job setting it all up she’s an inspiration.
Sarah Kirkby, Wooden Treasures and Keepsakes

Julie Vale, Artistitch DesignsI haven’t been with Conscious Crafties very long but have been made to feel so welcome. The support from Karen and the CC community is incredible. It’s like an extended family. Here I can be myself without fear of judgment or ridicule. It is my safe place, my happy place x Julie Vale, Artistitch Designs