Sell your Crafts and Services on Conscious Crafties!

Are you talented and happen to live with Chronic Illness, Disability or Care for a loved one?
Receive help and expert advice building your own business and be a proud owner of you very own shop on Conscious Crafties. Sell your handmade crafts or promote your skills and join our supportive community full of new friends who understand our struggles.

Due to popular demand (and my own health struggles) there is a WAITING LIST for new Crafties.
If you would like to join us, feel free to fill in the form after reading all the information below and we'll be in touch very soon. Looking forward to getting to know you.
Much love, Karen and the Crafties xx

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Best Place To Sell Your Crafts and Skills

1. The only Worldwide handmade craft and skills selling site promoting talented people who happen to be Chronically Ill, Disabled or Caring for loved ones.
2. We understand what it's like to feel unheard, so your story appears on every product you list to help raise awareness and offer inspiration to others.
3. Meet new creative friends in our supportive community who understand the difficulties life can throw at us!
4. Receive expert support with product listings, plus help and advice on how best to sell your crafts and skills.
5. Take part in our Craftie Friends events, so your crafts or skills get a new audience each week.
6. Every new product or service gets promoted on social media (Facebook and Twitter).
7. Your listings get found by buyers in an uncrowded marketplace.

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Simple Fees

I've based the philosophy on 'a little from lots of us' will one day cover the running costs.

Just £3.50 a month!! That's it!
(approx: US $4.30, Euro €4.00, Aus $5.60, Can $5.75)
How does my money help?

Zero Listing Fees!
Zero Commission!
Unlimited Listings!

Also every Craftie automatically has a family membership, so if your relative qualifies to be a Craftie, they are welcome to sell their products and services in your shop, along with gaining access to our community! 🙂

Your membership comes out of your account automatically every month and you can cancel at any time. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank, to limit any disruption to your shop.

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When will I receive funds?

Your funds will appear in your Paypal account immediately after customers buy from you 🙂 (Paypal charge you 3.4% + 20 pence per order)

Are you selling to make a profit? Read our guide to see if you quality as a business.

Do I need lots of stock to sell?

Making stock to sell takes lots of energy, so most Crafties make items to order. You can add the number of days it takes to hand make, which manages customers expectations. As long as you have a picture of your finished item you can list it.

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Do I need insurance?

We highly recommend you take out Product Insurance incase someone has an injury using your products.

Which currency is used?

Crafties from all over the world are very welcome. As we started life in the UK, products need to be listed in UK pounds, however soon Crafties will be able to list in their own countries currency.
Customers will be able to view your products in either UK pounds or US dollars depending on where they live (other currencies coming soon...).

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Things we can’t sell

1. Copyright (when things aren't your own design) or Trademark items (branded items eg Disney)
2. *Cosmetics/skin care products or food (unless you can provide safety and/or hygiene certificates)
3. *Toys or items that children might want to play with e.g. teddy bear keyring (unless you've self certified at home)
4. We don't allow you to sell products you have bought and not made yourself.
5. Porn, knives, guns, bombs, nuclear missiles...etc 😉
*PLEASE NOTE: It is the seller's responsibility to ensure products are tested accordingly and that Conscious Crafties is not to be held responsible. If you live OUTSIDE THE EU and only intend to sell to your OWN COUNTRY, you may be able to sell Beauty Products, Food or Toys without safety certificates due to different laws.

Our rules

I'm not a fan of rules, but these are really important. Anyone not playing nice risks being removed from our supportive group and/or the website.
Rule 1: Be kind to your fellow Crafties. We are all dealing with our own daily struggles.
Rule 2: Be honest about your illnesses and your work. A huge part of Conscious Crafties is raising awareness of our illnesses, honesty is crucial to our customers and our community.
Rule 3: I'd appreciate if you didn't use our Crafties Community Group to advertise links to your items for sale elsewhere (eg Facebook or Etsy). You can of course continue to sell anywhere (but keep the links out of our support group, thank you x)
Rule 4: If buying from fellow Crafties (so many tempting things!), then please purchase via Conscious Crafties website. This ensures you have protection through Paypal and allows you to leave feedback for your purchases 🙂

Any Questions?

Send me an email, always happy to help 🙂
Want to know more? Read what the Crafties say about being part of Conscious Crafties.

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Join the Waiting List

Please feel free to apply for your Crafties Shop below and I'll be in touch soon with an easy video guide so you can complete your shop 🙂
You're welcome to FRIEND REQUEST me on Facebook, so I can easily contact you.

Fill in the 'Join or Apply for a Shop' section and tick the 'I want to sell on Conscious Crafties' box 🙂.
You'll then be taken to a form where you can add your shop details and share your conditions
(or a loved ones conditions if you're a carer).
Don't see Join or Apply for a Shop? You may be logged into an existing account. If so please contact me.

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