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Sell your handmade crafts or promote your skills from your very own Conscious Crafties shop. Make new friends who understand your struggles in our supportive community whilst also receiving help and expert advice building your creative business.

There is hope…

Where once you were filled with enough energy to work twelve hour days, party a few times a week and still spend plenty of quality time with family and get to the gym every morning at 7am, now you feel isolated and alone. Your body hurts. Your brain feels like it’s wrapped in layers of cotton wool. Your job, your friends and your social life now a distant memory. It feels like you’re stuck in a black hole with no direction, no purpose and ready to give up. One day, while searching the internet for a glimmer of hope, you come across Conscious Crafties. A light begins to flicker within your heart. The dots start to join together.  A fire starts burning deep inside you.
“Perhaps I could find a way to show the world how talented I am.”
“Maybe I could bring in some income to the family and feel valued again.”
“What if I could feel independent and regain a sense of purpose?
Craft Background regain purpose

Extended Family

When you have a shop on Conscious Crafties you’re welcomed into an extended family of people who really understand your struggles and are there to celebrate every small win: Your confidence grows. You no longer feel alone. You have a new direction and a sense of purpose. You start to create a regular income. You find your new safe space and happy place where no one judges. You’re a Conscious Craftie with a positive outlook, no longer defined by labels. A shining beacon of light to highlight the talents and gifts of the disabled, chronic illness sufferers and carers of those with long term illness. or disability. You’re an integral part of a community of kind-hearted, Conscious Crafties, here to change the way society perceives illness and disability.
This is your legacy x

What's inside?

Crafties Club

Make Friends

Connect with Crafties around the world to build lasting friendships with others who completely understand and don't judge in our Crafties Club

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Business Hub


Dive into our Business Hub full of nuggets of knowledge shared by fellow Crafties on how to run and grow your successful business

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your own shop


Showcase your talents in your own customisable shop, introducing you to a brand new audience of buyers who appreciate handmade

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If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been dreaming of, read on…

Being part of Conscious Crafties is like wearing a badge of honour. Only kind, friendly and considerate people are accepted into the community because we want to keep the atmosphere happy and inspiring as our members have a lot of personal and health issues to deal with.

Our Crafties really are the beating heart of our community and we want this to remain our biggest strength no matter how much our online shop grows.  

We’re looking for talented people living with chronic health conditions, disabilities or who care for family and need extra help. 

Perhaps you don't realise how talented you are?

Everyone has a skill, a talent and a heart filled with love to share their gifts with others. If you’re here reading this today then it’s no accident you found us, chances are you are resilient, brave, courageous, loving, generous and a community orientated person. 

Plus, I’m certain you have some creative talents that you’d love to share in order to create an additional income, or to make someone’s life a little bit easier, happier or more filled with joy.

We currently have Crafties from around the world creating beautiful items such as homeware, clothing, gifts, jewellery, accessories, pet toys and more. Plus, there are some amazing people who can offer their skills in other ways, like personalised stationery or invitations, logo design, weekend retreats and book keeping services. 

So before you worry that you’re not a ‘craftie’ in the traditional sense, you could have something incredible to offer others in the community and to our global audience. 

Conscious Crafties has changed my life. It's given me a purpose. Before I joined this amazing community I felt isolated, alone and was losing all purpose. We are all there to support each other, be a shoulder to cry on during the bad times, and there to celebrate through the good times. We all have different strengths, but together we make an amazing team, and we are all super talented. Karen is an amazing lady, and I feel extremely honoured to know her and be part of this amazing community that she has built from scratch for other chronically ill people to have a purpose again, and not just be seen for their conditions. ​
Rosalind Batty
North Mayo Fine Art and Sew Roz​

Who are we looking for?

You are…

Exceptionally talented
Kind and thoughtful to others
Creating original ideas that are a little special
Ready to take your business to the next level

You live with…

Chronic or Mental Health Conditions
Autism / Asperges
Or are you a Carer for a loved one
Not sure if you qualify?

Special Features

  • Be part of an established marketplace (4 years)
  • Personalise your shop (ask us to design a FREE banner)
  • Display your social networks
  • Share your story on every product
  • Add product price options
  • New products automatically shared on social media
  • Shop notices for holidays or offers
  • Offer coupon discount codes
  • Choose to ship worldwide or nationally
  • Set caps on postage charged
  • Offer FREE shipping for large orders
  • Customer ratings by products and overall
  • Access to comprehensive help guides
  • Find Crafties near you
  • See your customers on a map
  • Manage customer expectation with days items takes to handmade
  • Product view states
  • Reports of earnings and orders
  • Print shipping address labels
  • Mark orders as shipped
  • Add notes to orders
  • Friend request Crafties
  • Message Crafties
  • Add a 'Find me on Conscious Crafties' badge to your profile pic
  • Get instantly paid for orders by Paypal
  • Flexible payment plans for membership
  • Exclusive access to our Crafties Business Club (the beating heart of Conscious Crafties)
  • Exclusive access to our Business Hub to help your business flourish

When you join Conscious Crafties, you join an ever growing family of small creative business owners who are choosing to live a life of passion and purpose, even when faced with the daily challenges of Chronic Illness, Disability or Caring for a loved one.

Simple Fees

£1 a week
(other payment options available)
Approx US $1.28, Euro €1.15, Aus $1.72
Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • Zero Listing fees
  • Zero Commission
  • Unlimited Listings
  • No Tie In
I no longer feel alone as there are other carers who understand my struggle. It’s really boosted my outlook and my shop is doing fantastic, I’ve never had so many sales outside of Facebook! Thank you for giving me confidence and the love of others to inspire me. I can't find the words to explain how this has changed my life. Just knowing I have somewhere to come without judgment, the world can be cruel but I feel safe here. I really feel complete now and I am so thankful to Karen for all her hard work and bringing us all together. Thank you for helping me find my purpose outside of just being a carer
Kay Lucid five star review conscious crafties
Kay Laurence
The Shiny Zone
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When will I receive funds?
When customers buy from you, your funds appear in your Paypal or Stripe account immediatelyPaypal charge 3.4% + 20 pence per order Stripe charge 1.4% + 20p per order (European) or 2.9% + 20p (Non-European) Check out our helpful guide on registering your business and taking out insurance.
Do I need lots of stock?
Making stock takes energy! Most Crafties make items to order. You can add the number of days it takes to hand make on each listing, which manages customer’s expectations. As long as you have an example picture of your finished item, you can list it.
Which currency is used?
Crafties from all over the world are welcome. As we started life in the UK, currently products need to be listed in UK pounds (but all Crafties will soon be able to list in their own countries currency). Customers can view your products in the currency where they live.
What can’t I sell?
Copyright (when things aren’t your own design) or Trademark items (branded items eg Disney)
*Cosmetics/skin care products or food (unless you can provide safety and/or hygiene certificates)
*Toys or items that children might want to play with e.g. teddy bear key ring (unless you’ve self certified at home)
Things you have bought and not made yourself (unless you have used love and talent to up cycle)
Porn, knives, guns, bombs, nuclear missiles…etc 😉
*PLEASE NOTE: It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure products are tested accordingly and are also not Trademarked or Copyrighted. Conscious Crafties is not to be held responsible. If you live OUTSIDE THE EU and only intend to sell to your OWN COUNTRY, you may be able to sell Beauty Products, Food or Toys without safety certificates due to different laws.


Join our family of understanding creatives!

What you will need:
Your Paypal email address
Your card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express)
Your bank details
Your story - click here for inspiration

Any Questions?

Use our online chat or send an email, always happy to help 🙂
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