How Does My Money Help

How does my money help?

How does my money help?

When I set up Conscious Crafties, I was still managing to work part time, so I absorbed the many (many!) thousands it cost to give us a safe website and community to sell our crafts and skills. When I lost my job after my health deteriorated further, I was sadly going to need to close the website. However, it had become a lifeline to the Crafties, so they begged me (bullied me into!) charging a monthly fee. Because the fee is so small, it doesn’t yet cover the HUGE costs associated with running a website of this size, but I have based the fee on ‘a little from a lot of us’, will one day cover the costs 🙂

What does my small membership fee go towards?


Domain name
SSL certificate
4G-SSD-VPS Hosting
Custom Development
48 website plug ins
Website theme
Photo Optimisation
Video Hosting


Facebook page adverts
Facebook post boosts
Google Adwords
Trademark registration
Data protection
Craft fairs and disability conferences
Marketing materials and merchandise


Virtual Assistants for Admin jobs
Charity donations
Postage for happy packages

Future Development Needed

Website phone app
Other exciting ventures 😉