Who are we?


Conscious Crafties is an online marketplace and support community for creative entrepreneurs living with Chronic Illness, Chronic Health Conditions, Disability or Caring for love ones who are affected.

Our community is the heart and core of Conscious Crafties. We want to empower all our members to be successful, allow them to tell their stories and meet like-minded friends who understand each others struggles.

We want to play a key part in changing the way those who are disabled and chronically ill are viewed by the world and raise awareness about our (sometimes invisible) illnesses by telling our stories.

We want to empower all our members to be successful, allow them to tell their stories and

meet like-minded friends who understand each others struggles.

Our Stories

As most of us feel unheard, each Craftie gets to tell their story on the site to help spread awareness of our (sometimes invisible) illnesses. Our stories appear on every product or service we list for sale on the site and also shared on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve gained a massive following on Facebook in such a short space of time (thank you everyone!) so our stories are seen by thousands. Our crafts and skills are regularly shared through social networks and many of our Crafties have appeared in various online newsletters and blogs, all helping to increase sales whilst raising awareness. Every new Craftie also gets invited to our ‘Crafties Community’, a fun place to share crafts, selling tips and form close bonds with friends who understand our struggles.

Lesley from M.A.D. (Make and Donate)

“I craft while living with Anxiety, Hyperthyroidism, Arthritis, Burning Mouth Syndrome and the side effects of chemotherapy I fundraise for my charity M.A.D (make and donate)… I started in 2012 with a cheque for £200 and it took off from there. As a survivor I wanted to give back to the hospital cancer unit and ward. I fundraise for the patients to try and make life a bit more bearable. Raised £25,000 to date. Donate things that nhs can’t/won’t buy…12 fridges for ward…chairs for relatives to stay over with family…drug stands and trollies. Make up chemo care bags for first timers…I remember my first day and put all the bits and bobs in that I wish I had…and other stuff!! I make and create to keep me less anxious and love the warm and fuzzy feeling giving back.”

Fay from Fay West Designs

“I’ve always been a crafter and mostly a jewellery maker. My family was in the jewellery business when I was a young child so I’ve always had the opportunity to supplement my income this way.Several years ago I was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder. This disorder affects my nervous system and usually shows it’s mean head in the form of shingles.  After having chickenpox for the second time medical professionals advised that I’m the carrier for the chickenpox virus. There are times I’ve had to be quarantined because the virus is so active.I count it a blessing to be able to work at home on my own schedule and pace. Thank you so much for allowing me to join your wonderful craftie group.”

How did the idea come about?

Our founder thought up the idea for Conscious Crafties in 2011 after she’d become chronically ill almost overnight.

I found my way to various support networks. I noticed we all shared the same sense of loss, we’d lost friends (because not many stick around when you have to let people down at the last minute), some of us had lost jobs (due to being unreliable) and the biggest thing that hurt deep into my soul was the overwhelming loss of purpose, we all felt useless. I desperately wanted to make that better. So, in 2011 the idea was born to create a community for everyone to showcase their talents in one place and give people a way of creating their own businesses.”  

Karen Thomas, Conscious Crafties Founder

Super Ted the Assistance Dog

In 2014 her friend Sam passed away from Gastroparesis and POTS and it was then, after years of thinking about it, that Conscious Crafties was launched, so it could start helping people now.

In 2018 Conscious Crafties was taken over by Hannah Bailey-Neale and Mike Mclellan. The couple strongly believe in Conscious Crafties mission and vision and are dedicated to help grow the brand and raise awareness of the many hidden disabilities and illnesses that our Crafties live with.

The team has been slowly growing and now consists of Hannah, Mike, Sharon and Kat who work together to help Crafties take over the world!

Our Name

We often get asked where our name comes from. ‘Conscious’ means our customers are making a ‘conscious decision’ to buy from us knowing they get wonderful quality while supporting us, but also means we as Crafties are ‘waking up’ and regaining our purpose. Oh, and our founder has POTS and sometimes has trouble staying conscious!

Our Customers

We’d like to thank each and every customer who chooses to shop with us and support our wonderfully talented entrepreneurs! We love hearing your feedback, it always makes us smile.


I’m the Boss of My Own Life Bespoke Planner for your Creative Business

I’ve not been in business long, but I wanted to maximise my time between working my full-time day job and my business – this planner not only fits my business perfectly in terms of the design but it also fits perfectly in the way it has allowed me to get ahead and keep pushing myself which in turn has led to a dramatic increase in sales and engagement! I’d highly recommend this planner, customer service is also A**

12th June 2019, Kathryn


Fairy Tealight Light Pink Lantern

“I love this lantern with the fairy on it. The metal is pink but with blue glass inside it painted with the fairy and other pictures on the outside of the four screens. Very prompt delivery and beautifully wrapped. A tealight candle came with it for inside the lantern.”

20th November 2019, Susan


Needle Felted Hedgehog Pin Cushion

I just could not resist this cute little hedgehog pin cushion with his adorable face. I could not believe the price of this quality, handcrafted item at just £8 including the £3 postage cost. He arrived beautifully packaged in his own little box and with a handmade thank you card. Communications all through the buying process were prompt and very friendly. I highly recommend Felt Treasured and wouldn’t hesitate in buying from Claire again.

13th February 2020, Sharon

Want to know more?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Conscious Crafties or if you’d like to get in touch for press enquiries pop us an email to hello@consciouscrafties.com and we’d be more than happy to help. x