How to add price options

Adding Product Options

How to Add Product Options

If your product has options (eg different sizes), here’s how to add the options on your product listing form.

Watch the video:

Or read the guide:

STEP 1: On the product listing form select ‘Yes – more than one option’:

More than one option


STEP 2: In the Product Options tab select a Product Option from the drop down then click ‘Add’ and wait for Product Option to load:

Select product options


STEP 3: Tick ‘Used for option details’ and add 2 or more options in the ‘Value(s)’ field

(you can repeat Step 2 above if you have any additional product options)
Add Product Options Terms


STEP 4: Go to Price Options Tab, select ‘Create Option Prices from all Product Options’, then click ‘Go’ button.
Product Price Option Tab


STEP 5: Click ‘OK’ on pop up:

Click ok 1


STEP 6: Click ‘Close’ on 2nd pop up:

Click Close


STEP 7: Click on little arrow to expand options:
Price Option Expand


STEP 8: Add the price for each option:

Add option prices


STEP 9: When all option prices added click ‘Add Product’ button
Add product


STEP 10: View your product to see your price options
View Product



Click here to: Make a request for an addition.
In the meantime ask an Admin to create your bespoke price options for you on your product by posting on our daily Q&A post in our Crafties Community or email us