This is because your customer has not connected their Paypal account with their bank account or card, or their card might have expired. When this happens Paypal will send an e-cheque (rather than immediate payment) which takes 5-7 days to clear. Customers are normally totally unaware of this, so you are best to contact them if you need payment prior to making or posting the item to let them know there will be a delay. You can use the Conscious Crafties Messaging System for two way conversation with customers. Every customer will have an account on the website, so you can search for them by name in our Community Page. After searching, select the ‘Private Message’ button to send them a message. They can then respond to you via the website. When they respond, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a link to the conversation so you can reply via the website. You’ll also see a notification on the website.

Private Message Customers