Branding Your Shop

Add your own Business Logo and Branding to your shop to make it unique and reflect your style.
At the top of your shop is a Banner which is a great space (815 x 210 pixels) to add pictures of your favourite crafts or services in the form of a collage. These can be easily created using FREE photo editing tools like PicMonkey
You can also add an Icon to your shop which can be your own face or business logo.
Follow this easy branding video guide to make your shop look super professional.

When you’ve added your banner, please message me so I can ask Facebook to ‘re-scrape’ your shop page to look for the new image. It will then display when you or your Craftie Friends share your shop link on Facebook, love Karen x

PLEASE NOTE: PicMonkey have changed the way you save your images since creating this video. Instead of clicking SAVE, click EXPORT.