Two colour kumihimo braided dog lead with steel o-ring and clasp, 160cm+


This lead is designed for light-medium use with most breeds of dog (eg loose-lead and heel-trained walking). Caution and your own knowledge of your dog’s behaviour should inform whether it will be suitable for the largest breeds.

It can get wet and should be allowed to air-dry if that happens. If it gets muddy, please wash only the dirty section in warm. slightly soapy water and allow to air dry.

As with all leads, please do not allow your dog to chew this product as the cords may fray and split, eventually compromising the safety and usability of the lead.

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Stand out in the park with these beautiful dog leads, made from 8 “satin” 2mm cord in a dazzling array of colours and finished with sturdy yet stunning hardware. Each lead is at least 160cm long (a standard lead is around 150cm) and features hardware in a range of colour finishes (steel, gold / brass, black and antique bronze), as well as a pair of Tibetan-style column beads to hold the cords tightly in place.


Featured here are the leads I currently have available – you can order your preference by using “ORDER NOTE TO SELLER”, but if you would like a colour combo not seen here, please send me a message with the colours you’d prefer (inner and outer) – I can help you to show off your favourite team, family colours or match an item of kit your beloved hound already has (there’s my pup, Gertie, wearing the red and black lead I made to match her harness!).

1 – White and Dark Red
2 – Pink and Brown
3 – Brown and Gold
4 – Silver and Pink
5 – Silver and Bronze
6 – Forest and Light Blue
7 – Royal Blue and Marigold

Please note that the 10 days lead time (geddit!) is the most time it’ll take to get a lead with custom colours in the post. Most orders will be processed within the usual 5 days, and I’ll let you know if it might take a bit longer.


This product will arrive in packaging made from recycled materials, which can all be recycled again – including a compostable mailer. It also features a “Make Your Own Kumihimo” activity, complete with colour photos, instruction and everything you need to complete your first kumihimo project.


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1 – White and Dark Red, 2 – Pink and Brown, 3 – Brown and Gold, 4 – Silver and Pink, 5 – Silver and Bronze, 6 – Forest and Light Blue, 7 – Royal Blue and Marigold

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