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We are most pleased to introduce you to a most adorably grumpy Shropshire Dragonet, the Stiperstones Minor.

A one of a kind miniature needlefelt dragonet sculpture.

According to the Shropshire Dragons Observation & Protection Group files, there are two types of Stiperstones dragons; the Major and the Minor. T

Minor is, as it’s name suggests, the smaller of the two.

In the mining days, these tiny little dragons would assist the human miners by burning away dangerous gasses and making sure tunnels were safe (as safe a tunnels can be anyway)

They adore rocks, the sparklier the better, and they can be very territorial over any pebble they have marked as theirs 😄

This particular Minor is perched on a little slice of Stiperstones quartzite, and it is determined to never let go.

Dragons are so brilliant 😊


#shropshiredragons #sdopg

This dragonet  is approximately 11cm long from tail tip to snout bump, 8cm tall and 5cm wide. is

He was made using a core of corridale wool overlaid with a hand made blend of brown and cream merino wool. L

Dragonet has resin cabachon eyes.

The Dragonet is securely fixed to a little Shropshire Stiperstones rock that measures approx 7cm and is backed with white felt.

If you would like to know more about the #ShropshireDragons, or if you have any questions about the sculpture, please feel free to message me, I dont bite. Unlike the dragons!

The perfect quirky gift for any dragon lover.

Important Note: Shropshire Dragons are collectable works of art and therefore unsuitable for children in 14years.

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Hello. My name is Ceri and I make needle felt cute adorable miniatures; pet replicas,a miniature hedgehogs beautiful (#minihogs) the unique Shropshire dragons – because they told me to 😉 and the Ewe Darlings
I have various medical conditions that meant a 9-5 is nearly impossible, so I started crafting as a way to stay sane. I am a Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Warrior. I also have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, PCOS, anxiety, recurrent depression and various other boring complications.

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