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Genuine Gemstone stress Buster and Panic Attack Bracelet, Charged with Reiki

This genuine gemstone bracelet has been lovingly created and charged with Reiki energy.
It uses gemstones traditionally believed to calm anxiety and stress, as welll as coping with Panic Attacks.

The creation of this cool and calming bracelet was inspired as an antidote to Pan, the god of chaos and misrule!
Pan was believed to be responsible for meddling in the lives of humans, causing mayhem amongst his victims.
Indeed, the word ‘panic’ itself is derived from this troublesome fellow, as he was believed to be responsible for all manner of stress, anxiety or mishaps.

In today’s modern world, the stresses and anxieties of daily life are still troubling humankind, even if they are no longer attributed to mischievous deities!
Panic Attacks can strike at any time, you become caught in their tight grip as you experience a sudden onset of fear or anxiety, your chest tightens, your heart pounds, and you begin to sweat.
This can lead to other symptoms, such as tingling or numbness, dizziness, burning and lightheadedness, and you may feel overwhelmed, helpless and terrified.

Once you have had a panic attack in certain situations, for example while driving, shopping in a crowded place, you may develop irrational fears of these situations and begin to avoid them. Eventually, the pattern of avoidance and level of anxiety about another attack may reach the point where you are unable to even step out of the house.
Whatever the original cause, panic attacks can have a profound effect on both body and mind, making you feel isolated, overwhelmed and wondering how you can cope.

When we panic, we have a tendency to stop breathing or take very shallow breaths which makes the attack worse. Slowing down your breathing can help you to feel grounded during a panic attack, using the beads in your bracelet as a focus to help you concentrate on each beat of your heart, as you regain control of your breathing, which slows down your body’s panic response, leading you to a calmer state of mind, releasing tension and stress.
Another way to take some of the power away from the panic attack and regain control is to repeat positive affirmations. Always start your affirmations with ‘I am’
‘I am strong.’ ‘I am in control.’ ‘I am safe.’ ‘I am protected.’ ‘I am calm.’ Whatever is important for you.

Additionally, studies have shown that different colours have a certain affect on the emotions, with colours on the Turquoise spectrum known for their peaceful, calming and restorative properties.

The following gemstones are believed to demonstrate gentle, restorative energies, as listed below.

Turquenite (also known as blue Howlite) is a poor man’s version of Turquoise, which was highly favoured by the Egyptians. it was widely used in jewellery as it represented tranquility, peace, and protection against anxiety.

Chyrsocolla, another Egyptian favourite, was believed to get rid of negative energies, and allow truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. Chrysocolla was also reputed to help ease emotional heartache, providing strength and balance.

Amazonite is a beautiful blue green stone, a gorgeous balance between these two colours, reflecting the harmonising energies that it was believed to offer to reduce anxiety.
Feeling in control is the first step towards dispelling feelings of negativity and anxiety, helping you to remain calm and at peace.

Amethyst derives its name from the Greek meaning ‘not drunk’, as it was believed to prevent intoxication and thus kept its wearer clear-headed and quick-witted in business affairs, and protected on the battlefield. It was also believed to enhance mental stability, calm rage and instil self-control, the opposite qualities seen in a drunkard!

Lepidolite is a beautiful stone, containing trace elements of Lithium, which gives it a beautiful glittery effect.
Lithium is used in modern medicine as a mood stabilizer

Creating Your Bracelet
Each bracelet consists of 6mm semi precious gemstone beads, arranged in groups of 3 or 5 (groups of 3, 5 and 7 are believed to be most auspicious), with spacer beads defining each group of gemstones.
I generally use Swarovski type cut glass spacers, as the multi faceted nature of them reflects light and energy, although should you prefer, small silver plated or hematite spacers can be substituted, or omitted entirely, just let me know via the message box m when you place your order.
Throughout the process of creating your bracelet, I will be in contact with you to check your exact requirement, I want you to be as happy with your bracelet as possible

Your bracelet will be made on non stretch beading thread called tiger tail, which consists of a central core of stranded steel, covered with a fused plastic coating. This is recommended for gemstones, as they can be heavier than glass beads, and need a strong thread.
It will be finished with a silver plated extension chain and lobster claw clasp or on request, a toggle closure could be added instead.
Your bracelet can be made in any size listed below, just type the bracelet size required in the ‘Length’ box:
Ladies’ Bracelets:

Small 6.5 inches
Medium 7 inches
Large 7.5 inches

Men’s Bracelets:
Small 7.5 inches
Medium 8 inches
Large 8.5 inches

If no size is selected, the bracelet will be made to fit an average female wrist of 7 inches.

The finishing touch is the addition of a charm, please choose from the list below and type your selection into the ‘Charm’ box
Triquetra (an ancient celtic knot)
Protective Hamsa Hand
Dove and branch
OM ૐ Symbol
Peace Symbol
Yin/Yang Symbol
No charm Required

Whichever you choose, all of these charms are wonderfully calming, peaceful or spiritual symbols that fit beautifully with this bracelet.

Finally, your bracelet will be charged with Reiki, and presented to you in a beautiful organza bag, along with an explanatory leaflet explaining the meaning of each Gemstone, and how they work with the Chakra System.
If you have any further questions that are not covered, please do not hesitate to message me.
As each piece is made to order, I can happily accommodate most requests.

So, the means to begin to control these panic attacks can soon be in your hands, encircling your wrist with beautiful gemstone beads, enveloping you as it metaphorically surrounds you with calm and healing energies, giving you some measure of control when panic attacks strike.

*Safety Information*
Avoid wearing your bracelet when sleeping, bathing or showering.

Unlike some unscrupulous or often uninformed sellers, I will never use synthetic or imitation gemstones in my jewellery. Consequently, I am sometimes unable to source specific genuine gemstones (eg Malachite) at a price that will not impact greatly on the cost of your item. In these cases, rather than use synthetic or imitation stones, I use alternatives with similar properties.
Occasionally, a few very pale gemstones are colour enhanced, which does not affect their meanings and properties.
You can be assured that you will be receiving the genuine article

Please be aware that the properties mentioned in this listing relate to folklore, and spiritual or traditional metaphysical beliefs, and are for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended as any sort of medical diagnosis or treatment, and should NEVER be used to replace the advice or treatment of your medical practitioner.
If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, please consult your doctor, dentist or hospital immediately.
Wearing gemstones does not release you from responsibility for your own actions, eg Wearing an Exam and School Success bracelet won’t get you the grades if you don’t attend class or put in the work!

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Posted on2nd March 2018 by Ghostmum49

Bracelet arrived and is beautiful. Sian was easy to speak to & had no problem altering one of the stones sending me photos as the bracelet was being made. My daughter loved it & her daughter loved the wish bracelet that came with it. Should definitely order again

I used to be an active primary school teacher, until problems arising from Congenital Hip Dislocation and Bi Lateral Hip Dysplasia. Shortly after the birth of my children, I developed Severe Arthritis in my left hip. After some time and waiting lists (another story!) I had a hip replacement on my left hip. I returned to work and caring for my family, but the hip was never ‘right’ and still caused issues. To cut a very long story short, after multiple surgeries, eventually a severe bone infection was found. This meant removal of the entire prosthesis and iv antibiotic before replacing the hip again. However, Chronic Pain ensued. And ultimately I was offered the option of total permanent removal of the implant leaving me disabled but without pain. Sadly, that didn’t work out too well, and the same level of pain ensued. I was referred to various PMU and underwent many procedures, and have had a spinal cord stimulator implant.

Gemstones have long been my passion, and I’ve always dabbled making gemstone bracelets and pressing them onto my long suffering friends whenever they mentioned some ailment. It was a natural progression for me, when I had to retire from teaching on medical grounds, to begin making my jewellery to sell. This began simply as a way to keep busy, whilst I was in and out of hospital, and I only ever made items to order for people I knew.. but they were paying me, so I could buy more sparkly rocks!
Now I make all sorts of jewellery, but each item is still made with as much love as those first bracelets, and the recipient is the main focus at the centre of everything I create.
So I’m afraid I don’t have ready made items that I can pop into a Jiffy bag when you order, but I will create a specially commissioned piece just for you!
This story started with me as an active young(ish) mum with a career I loved. Now my children are post University, working and living their own lives, my husband is my carer, and I spend a lot of time in bed!

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