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Julie Ryan, Counting My Spoons
Julie Ryan

Counting My Spoons

I created Counting My Spoons as a way to inform and inspire others living with (often invisible) chronic illnesses, including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Lyme, Endometriosis, Migraines, Cluster Headaches, MS, and many others. Many of the symptoms of these disorders and diseases overlap, often making diagnosis difficult. Because these illnesses are typically invisible we often have a difficulty communicating to others what we are going through. The goal of this blog is help others understand what we are dealing with, while at the same time inspiring those of us living with these illnesses to be open, to be our own health activists, and to reach out for better health, self, and wellness care. Each week I try to write posts that both inform us about living with chronic illness, and inspire us to live better. Each Wednesday I share an interview with someone living with chronic illness, either personally or as a care-giver. Every interview adds new information about living with these illnesses, and each interviewee adds new inspiration.

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Kami Lingren, Living Grace Chronic Illness Blog
Kami Lingren

Living Grace Blog

I’m a Lyme fightin’, taco lovin’, puppy-snuggling gal; writing to the world from her cozy tree-covered home state of Oregon. On my blog, Living Grace, I share authentically about how I cope with and find life within the reality of illness. It is a joy of mine to call out the strength, beauty and purpose in others fighting their own battle! This life was not meant to be lived alone and I aim to foster a heart of community and compassion within the pages of my corner of the interwebs. I’d love for you to join me there as we learn to navigate the grit of this life together.

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Lauren King, Broken Down Body
Lauren King

Broken Down Body

My blog is somewhere that I can try and make sense of what is going on. I have a chronic illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hypermobiliy type) and frequently want to Hulk smash everything around me, cry, sleep or laugh like a maniac because PAAAAIN. None of these actions are particularly helpful when you want to have a normal life. Being sick can be the most grim, lonely thing in the world. But there are moments of hilarity such as your boyfriend asking what’s in the fridge, only to be informed that it’s 2.5 litres of your urine. Yep. That happened. He’s a keeper.

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Kirstin Larkin, Highway to Healing
Kirstin Larkin

Highway to Healing

Hi! My name Is Kirstin and I have a wanderlust spirit! My soul constantly craves the road, but my physical body does not always desire the same thing. Even though I struggle with a handful of chronic medical conditions I am determined to see the world. Follow along as I learn how to travel with chronic illnesses, sharing my tips, tricks and accessible places!
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Jennie Louise Smales POTS EDS
Jennie Louise Smales

This Little Life of Mine

I’m a young (ish) mum who lives with several chronic illnesses, including POTS, FND, Crohns, EDS Hypermobility type and a handful of others. I’m just genetically blessed aren’t I?! My husband is my carer and I’m trying to live and find ways of being a good wife and mother whilst managing my health. I started my blog a few years ago, what started as a hobby has become so much more. Writing gives me a sense of being a ‘useful’ member of society again, something I’ve missed so much. My blogs chronical life with invisible illness, I also have a lifestyle blog in which I look at parenting and cooking etc. Craft is one of my huge passions, I’m looking forward to helping tell the Concious Crafties stories, and writing about their beautiful work.

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Ness QM, The Girl with 5 Lads
Ness QM

The Girl with 5 Lads

The girl with the five lads started as a way to show other people with the same illness that you can still find happiness being poorly sick. I wanted to raise awareness of what family life is like when Mum has a chronic illness, I also wanted to meet other people like me in the process. I write mostly about Fibromyalgia simply because this was the illness that clipped my wings, but it has not stolen my smile. All of my adult life I have lived with invisible illnesses such as Migraines, IBS, Panic Attacks, Endometriosis, Postnatal Depression so I am passionate about raising awareness. My five sons are my world but if I was asked to list the things I love outside of them: Feeling content with my little space in the world….My Family, I appreciate them so much more now……Sharing love and smiles……Unicorns and rainbows…….The hobbies of a 70-year-old Nan, I love Jam making, baking, sewing, knitting, quilting and collecting little kitsch oddments……. Mugs of tea in pretty mugs and vintage tea cups……My two dogs, they are my loyal furbabies……Cake, proper homemade stuff not synthetic fluff….Real people who speak their mind….Having a laugh, a real belly hurting laugh….Polka dot anything…..Old buildings and architecture…..The seaside in every season….Loyalty…..Being comfortable in my body and mind…..Hot water bottles…..Red lipstick and black eyeliner…..Art on canvas and on the skin…..Meditation and complementary therapies….Writing, I adore writing!
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Hannah Radenkova, Superpooped
Hannah Radenkova


Hannah is an illustrator and blogger from an incredibly flat part of England, called the Fens. (Harry Potter aficionados may recognize this as the birthplace of Salazar Slytherin.)

She is housebound with ME/CFS, and lives with her parents/carers, and her cat, Jessicat Fletcher, who is part adorable, fluffy kitten, and part vicious hellbeast.
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Elizabeth Joly - porcelain fibromommy
Elizabeth Joly

Porcelain Fibromommy

I am a wife and mother of 3 boys, ages 6, 4 and 6 mo. I don’t let living with a disability get in the way of life and having a business. I had a difficult time finding affordable but unique blankets for my first child so I made my own. Growing up in a sewing family had its perks! Since 2010 I have been making very unique (some may say edgy but still cool) quilts, blankets, burp cloths, creatures and more recently little dresses. Each one is lovingly made by hand. I have 3 lines in my collection: Goth/Rebel/Rock, Bright & Colorful, and Vintage (using vintage material passed down from friends and family).

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Jennifer Romer - The Pain Free life
Jennifer Romer

The Pain Free Life

MS Warrior, Tenacious Fighter, Wife and Mom of a very strong willed apple that doesn’t fall far. I started blogging when I found a device that enabled me to walk without limping. I was so impressed with the device after putting it on only once, I couldn’t leave the seminar without one. After six weeks of blogging about it, I knew I had to get the word out about this miracle contraption (as my daughter calls it). I didn’t want to limit my website to a device, a disease, a person. I started The Pain Free Life to provide a home for people that struggle daily with either a chronic illness, or some other issue. Only God knows what I have been through and I figure if I haven’t been through it, I would certainly be able to find someone who has. I have so much to say, so many things I have gone through and have learned over the years. I just want to share my love of life, my love of my daughter and my love of helping others.

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Kirsten - Fibro Fairy

Fibro Fairy Blog

I’m Kirsten. I am 20 years old and live in Belgium. I was having rare symptoms since I was 9 years old but was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue at 19 years old. My life turned upside down. While I saw people of my age going to college I was stuck in bed. I have been working really hard; I go to physiotherapy, go to classes to get a degree at my own pace and I am working for Chronic Connection. I am so grateful to have found the Chronic Illness Community. I am much more confident now and made amazing friends.

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Chronic Illness Bloggers
Chronic Illness Bloggers

Conscious Crafties is a proud member of Chronic Illness Bloggers. A network for those who blog about chronic illness. All chronic illnesses are welcome in the supportive community for bloggers, where we can share ideas, blogging tips and brand collaborations.

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