Selling Handmade Crafts or Promoting Your Skills

If you live with Chronic Illness, Disability or Care for a loved one affected, you are welcome to join our talent marketplace and supportive community to sell your handmade crafts or service.

Best Place To Sell Your Crafts and Skills

1. Dedicated Worldwide handmade craft and skills selling site, supporting talented people who are Chronically Ill, Disabled or Caring for those affected. 2. Full support with product listings, plus help and advice on how best to sell your crafts and skills 3. We promote your handmade items and skills through our social media platforms (FacebookPinterest or Twitter). 4. Fancy techie stuff ensures your listings get found by buyers in an uncrowded marketplace. 5. We understand what it’s like to feel unheard, so share your story on our Meet the Crafties page to help raise awareness and offer inspiration to others. 6. Meet new likeminded friends in our supportive community, who love craft and understand the difficulties life can throw at us!

What happens if I get better?

‘We’d throw a big party!’ If a magic pill or lifestyle change makes you feel better, that’s really wonderful news 🙂 You can still stay and be part of our community. So once you’ve joined, you’ve joined. After being chronically ill, you never forget the experience of living as a Spoonie. In the same vein, if any Crafties who are carers sadly lose their love ones and are no longer a carer, they are still very much part of our community and support network xxxxx

Posting items

When listing your crafts, some items will be handmade to order, so you set the buyers expectation in your product listing by adding the number of days it will take to hand make and dispatch. Please be kind to yourself and take into account the good and bad days, giving yourself plenty of time to post items. You add your own postage costs within your own country, plus overseas if your choose to post internationally. To save time and energy, you can set postage costs in your shop to be used on all your products, which you can override on individual items if they cost more or less to post. We advise all our Crafties to request a signature on delivery.

What about returns?

As Crafties run their own shop on Conscious Crafties, you’re required to clearly let buyers know how you will handle any refunds, returns and exchanges. If you don’t have a returns policy, you can use our Sample Returns Policy. Please note, for any online transaction, unless an item is personalised, customers have a right to a refund if they change their mind. We ask that you contact the buyer within 48 hours after they have contacted you about a problem.

Which currency is used?

As Conscious Crafties is based in the United Kingdom, all products need to be listed in UK pounds (£). Customers will be able to see your items in either UK pounds of US dollars depending on where they live. Other currencies coming soon…

Why do I need to apply?

We are a community and like to get to know you. Conscious Crafties isn’t just about selling your beautiful handmade crafts, it’s about sharing your story and raising awareness of illnesses and disabilities, along with supporting you and your Carers. Your story is featured in our Meet the Crafties page and on every product you list. This allows buyers to read about your journey and how, despite everything, you have created something truly beautiful. Chances are, your story will be passed on to friends and family when people notice your customers item.  Step by baby step – we will raise awareness!


When your item sells: A small admin fee (4.9%) is taken, so that’s less than 5 pennies for every £1. You can reduce to ZERO by bringing just 5 Crafties on board 🙂 *As with any online transaction, payment gateways also charge a small fee (we use Stripe and Paypal). We encourage all our customers to pay by card as it costs you less than Paypal. Membership fee: To help support the running costs of the website and to protect our community, the monthly membership fee is just £2.50. This comes out of your account each month and you can cancel at any time.

How will I get paid?

If your customers pay by Paypal, your funds will appear in your Paypal account immediately. If your customer pays by card, your funds will land straight into your Stripe account and be automatically transferred to your bank account (every 7 days for European countries and 2 days if you live in USA). As with any selling platform (e.g. Etsy, Ebay, Facebook, Craft Fairs, Car Boot Sales etc), if you are selling your goods or services with the intention of making a profit, you need to tell the tax man or benefits agency. Within the UK, Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Attendance Allowance are payable whether or not you are working. They are not means tested, so earnings do not affect the amount of your benefit. If you claim ESA, you may be able to do some permitted work. If you live in the UK, the website can help if you’re unsure whether selling your goods or services count as a business. Different countries have different rules.

Things we can’t sell

1. Copyright (when things aren’t your own design) or Trademark items (branded items eg Disney) 2. *Beauty products or food (unless you can provide safety and/or hygiene certificates) 3. *Toys or items that children would want to play with e.g. teddy bear keyring (unless they’ve passed CE safety tests) *PLEASE NOTE: It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that products which need testing are tested accordingly and that Conscious Crafties is not to be held responsible. If you live OUTSIDE THE EU and only intend to sell to your OWN COUNTRY, you may be able to sell Beauty Products, Food or Toys without safety certificates due to different laws.

Any rules?

I’m not a fan of rules, but these are really important: Rule 1: Conscious Crafties Support Group is for making friends and sharing your crafts on Conscious Crafties, so please don’t post your Facebook page or links to your items on other selling platforms within our group. Rule 2: If you wish to buy items made by fellow Crafties (so many gorgeous crafts), then please purchase items via the Conscious Crafties website. Otherwise, it could mean I can’t afford to keep it going and that would make lots of us very sad, as Conscious Crafties is giving hope to many xx Rule 3: Be kind, we are all dealing with our own daily struggles. I reserve the right to immediately remove anyone from our supportive group and/or the website if there is any form of bullying or hurtful comments posted. Please treasure our supportive community, it’s there to help us all 🙂 Rule 4: A huge part of Conscious Crafties is raising awareness of our illnesses – honesty is crucial to our customers and our community. Therefore, if a member is being dishonest about their illness or their work, they will immediately be removed from the site and all its groups.

Create Your Shop

Please ensure you have read and understood EVERYTHING on this page as these are your Terms and Conditions. hot drink relax  Get yourself comfy and grab a nice drink, adding your shop details will take about 15 mins. Complete the REGISTER box, ticking the ‘I would like a shop on Conscious Crafties’ box and the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box. Keep your Shop Name and password safe as you’ll be using them to log into your shop in future.

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