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Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Sponsorship Conscious Crafties AdvertiseCrafted-for-you advertising and sponsorship packages, that support your business and philanthropic goals, by creating a positive impact in the community and changing society’s perception of those living with chronic health conditions, disability or caring for a loved one.

What if…
You could support an ever-growing family of small craft-based business owners to live a life of passion and purpose, even when faced with daily challenges of illness, disease or disability?

And, what if…
Through offering your financial support through sponsorship or advertising, you received amazing benefits too?

Such as…
30,000 pairs of eyes on your advert every single month? (*based on current stats of 1000 visitors a day)
Your sponsorship being featured in our press releases, television, radio interviews and newsletters

At Conscious Crafties we pride ourselves on our core values of community, compassion, resilience and purpose.
Everything we do revolves around our precious beating heart: the Conscious Crafties Community. A community which enables people suffering with chronic (often hidden) illness or disability and those caring for loved ones to feel confident, empowered and valued and to contribute to the world in new and exciting ways, reigniting their passion for life and inspiring others along the way.

Our talented Conscious Crafties create and sell original, handmade gifts or bespoke design services while simultaneously changing the way we view their health conditions and limitations. Every single member is fuelled by their own personal blend of love, kindness and determination in a bid to leave a legacy and make the world a better place.

Why supporting our cause means so much to the Conscious Crafties family
Conscious Crafties Friends Meet Up
Gaining Friendship and Support

Every single human being on the planet wants to feel loved and valued, but once chronic illness or disability come into our lives, we can feel a deep sense of loss for our former health and vitality, friends who no longer feel able to cope with us or careers that we loved. All of the Conscious Crafties family are incredibly talented, gifted people who have been through a period of grief for their former lives and are now driven to make a difference.

Your advertising or sponsorship helps us to grow and support our community in bigger and better ways; enhancing our online shop, boosting our social media presence, creating new speaking or media opportunities and bringing onboard a small team of dedicated professionals to run our ever-expanding day-to-day administration and member support.

Conscious Crafties is a lifeline for many of our amazing members and we’re dedicated to growing our community in 2018 and beyond so that those living with chronic illness and disability can continue to contribute, feel valued and respected and support others on their journey.

Why choose Conscious Crafties to advertise your business?

We understand how our business works, what our statistics mean and how our growing audience can play a vital role in supporting you in achieving your business goals. We’re not a charity, we’re a business that has so far,  been funded entirely from personal investment. In order to expand, it’s vital that we receive a financial income through advertising and sponsorship – but it’s a two way street. We know how much advertising with us can help you, just as much as how your support can help us.

We’re looking for incredible, forward-thinking, conscious, ethical, heart-centred businesses of all sizes to partner with over the coming months.

Conscious Crafties attracts over 30,000 visitors a month.
We have over 300 sellers who currently sell over 10,000 products.
Founded by Karen Thomas in 2015, Conscious Crafties has been featured in national publications including Crafts Beautiful, Prima, Rare Revolution, Guideposts and even a small mention on This Morning television programme.

In 2018 we’re planning to substantially increase our online and press visibility and are excited to have you on this journey with us.
The higher we fly, the higher you’ll fly too…

How you can support us with advertising or sponsorship

We love to get to know our sponsors in a meaningful and collaborative way, building and nurturing long term relationships that ensure both parties thrive from the connection. It’s really important to us to understand your business needs and marketing goals.

At Conscious Crafties, we’ll create bespoke sponsorship plans that highlight the many ways in which you can leverage the sponsorship or advertising to meet, and exceed, your expectations. For example: through increased social media presence and having your business name or logo mentioned as a proud sponsor in media press releases or television and radio interviews.

If you’d like to place online adverts with us, we have various sizes and website locations available on our busy website. Online ads are flexible and can be updated regularly to reflect your ever changing business needs. Online advertising is a great solution for small and large businesses looking to increase exposure and create an impact in the wider community by supporting the Conscious Crafties social enterprise and raising awareness of chronic illness and disability.

How to begin the sponsorship/advertising process

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    Our sponsorship team

    Karen Thomas, founder of Conscious Crafties is currently leading the sponsorship team.

    Super Ted the Assistance Dog
    Super Ted the Assistance Dog and Karen

    Hi, I’m Karen, and I’m delighted you’re interested in supporting the incredible work we do every day at Conscious Crafties. After being struck down with a set of chronic illnesses almost overnight, I found my way to various support networks which led me to realise how many people were suffering with a similar sense of loss for their careers, friends and previous good health. I remember the overwhelming sense of loss of purpose in my life which led me to create a community that would give people a way not just to create an income, but to showcase their talents and make them feel worthy and useful again. I’m also passionate about changing the way in which disability and chronic illness (especially invisible illnesses) are perceived within our society. Thank you again for being here and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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