Product Options

Adding Product Price Options

It’s currently a bit tricky adding product options that alter the price, so to save you the worry, Karen, Sonia Green or Joanna Hall can add these for you.

1. Simply type the price options clearly at the TOP of your product DESCRIPTION when listing.

For example:

T Shirt = £15
Sweatshirt = £20
Hoodie = £25

2. Then Save your product as DRAFT.
3. Let us know you’d like price options adding by commenting on the daily Q&A post in our Crafties Community (quickest way) or click here to email us xx

We will then add the price options for you and publish your product (removing the options text from your description).

WARNING: If you edit your product after the price options have been added, they will disappear, so please shout up if you need to make any changes x