Payment Break

Payment Break

In any 12 month period you are welcome to have a one 1 month payment break where your shop will be temporarily closed. After one month you will need to resubscribe to the membership to re-open your shop.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t resubscribe within 1 month, your shop will be closed and all data removed, so please add a note to your diary to resubscribe to the membership. To resubscribe go to your Payment tab in your Shop Dashboard.

Do you need longer than 1 month? Then let us know in the ‘Reason’ box.

    If you don’t want to temporarily close your shop, but instead add a HOLIDAY MESSAGE for your customers to see, go to your Settings in your Shop Dashboard and tick ‘Turn on Holiday Message’ and add a message. This will appear on every product and your shop 🙂

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