New Craftie Welcome Pack

Welcome to Conscious Crafties! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to join our Crafties Community and look forward to making new friendship and seeing your crafts and skills! We hope you love it here and wanted to give you some little snippets to help you settle in…

Before Listing Products

You’ll be reading this guide because your shop has now been approved and checked. It’s now ready and waiting for your gorgeous crafts or services to be added for sale.
Before listing any products it’s ESSENTIAL that you watch our:
If you offer product options like size and colour, then take a look at our:
Remember that your photographs are your most important selling tool.

After Listing Your First Product

Follow us on Twitter and tag us @ConsciousCrafty in any tweets about your products on Conscious Crafties so we can retweet for you.
Please Like both our Facebook pages:
Main Page – Conscious Crafties – Handmade By Spoonies and Carers
Marketplace Page – Crafties Handmade Gifts Marketplace
Conscious Crafties Facebook See FirstAlso, so you don’t miss your crafts being shared or your fellow Crafties items, tick the little down arrow on the Like button then ‘See First’ and turn your ‘Notifications On’.

If you like, comment or share our posts, it really helps tell Facebook that we have interesting content and they show more people are products, meaning more customers see yours and other Crafties products 🙂

Need Help?

conscious crafties help-guidesIf you need any help with anything to do with the website then we have lots of help guides under
My Shop > Help Guides.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for then search our Forum under
My Shop > Technical Forum
If you have ideas on how to make our community or website better please add to our Suggestion Box under
My Shop > Suggestion Box

Finding your Shop

You can easily find your shop by clicking on View Store tab in your Crafties Control Panel. Once you have listed your first product your shop is also searchable by fellow Crafties and customers by clicking CRAFTIES in the main menu. Here’s our How to Find Crafties Shops Video Guide

Sharing on Social Media

social-sharing-iconsIt’s important that you also share on your own social networks and Facebook groups to give your products as much exposure as possible.
It’s super easy to share, simply go to your product page and click one or more of the social sharing buttons.

Networking Events

Every week you have the option to team up with a different fellow Craftie to share each others products meaning our crafts get seen by a new audience each week 🙂
So look out for weekly invites in our Conscious Crafties Community to CRAFTIE FRIENDS events! Simply click ‘Going’ on the event and Joanna Hall will buddy you up with a fellow Craftie to share with from Sunday to Saturday. Remember that all events are optional and if you are sharing for a fellow Craftie but are struggling health wise, do let your Craftie Friend and Joanna Hall know, we all understand and will make sure your Craftie Friend still has their items shared.
craftie friends networking event
I’d recommend waiting till you have at least 7 products in your shop so your Craftie Friend has at least one product to share in your shop every day of that week. Find out more about Craftie Friends events

Most Viewed Products

most-viewed-products-on-conscious-craftiesYou can increase the number of views your items have by creating great keyword dense product names and descriptions. Also sharing your own products and taking part in our Craftie Friends events really helps. Each week, the most viewed item from the previous week will win a place as our main Facebook page profile picture. The second most viewed wins a place as the Marketplace Facebook page profile picture. Announcements are also made in our Crafties Community group x

What Happens When My Crafts Sell

Congratulations! Take a read of our Order Help Guide, remember to check to see if your customer has added any customisation or notes to the order and also mark as shipped once posted. You might like to also read our Shipping Help Guide.

Your Introduction

When you join the wonderful world of our Crafties Community Support Group, you are given a lovely welcome post. Later on, your story and shop will also be introduced on our main Facebook page and Twitter. It’s good to wait till you have about 10 products in your shop first, so click here to email me to let me know when you have a nice full shop and I will share to over 7000 followers on Facebook and 1300 on Twitter x

How Can You Help?

Crafties often ask how they can help support Conscious Crafties and our Community. The best thing you can do is shout loud and proud about us everywhere you go online and offline. If you have an existing blog please write about Conscious Crafties, you can also add a cute ‘I’m Proud to be a Craftie’ supporters badge! Do let me know if you blog about us so I can return the favour by adding you to our Press Section on the site.
Did you know there is also an easy way to Write Blogs on the Conscious Crafties Website?
To find out how else you and others can help, take a look at our Conscious Crafties Supporters Pack.