Sold item through Conscious Crafties

What happens when my crafts sell?

Managing Customer Orders

Congratulations you’ve sold an item on Conscious Crafties! 🙂
Start making your item as soon as you’re able to after receiving your order. Or if your item is already made, package it up ready to post.

When will I receive my funds?

Your funds go immediately into your Paypal account.

How do I know I have an order?

As well as confirmation of your funds via Paypal, you’ll also receive an Order Confirmation email from Conscious Crafties.

Please carefully check your order confirmation email to see if your customer has added any order NOTES on the order or customisation like colours:

Order Confirmation email for selling online crafts

Finding Orders

When you log into your account on you’ll also find your order details within your Crafties Control Panel (click on the ORDERS tab):

Customer Orders on Conscious Crafties
If you hover over your order (or just click on your order if on a tablet or phone) you will reveal the options:

  1. View Order Details
  2. Shipping Label
  3. Order Note
  4. Tracking Number
  5. Mark Shipped

View Order Details

This will contain the customers billing and shipping address and any customer notes added to order. You can print this out and pop inside the customers parcel.
View handmade craft order details

Shipping Label

Click shipping label and it will produce a label that you can print and attach to your parcel. Your customers shipping address and also your address will be inserted (if you’ve added your address in your Shop Settings). Please note: this is just an address label and you still need to attach stamps or courier label.
Below your shipping label is also a handy Picking List so you know what item goes in which parcel 🙂
Shipping Label

Order Note

If you want to update your customer, you can add a note to their order. This will automatically be emailed to your customer.
Please note: This is one way communication only, so don’t ask your customer a question here as they can’t reply. If you’d like to contact customers via the website see below.
Add customer note

Messaging Customers to ask Questions

You can message your customer via the email address on their order.

Mark Shipped

When you have dropped your parcel at a courier or post office, click the ‘Mark Shipped’ option (if you haven’t already added a Tracking No). This will email your customer to let them know the item is on its way. After clicking, you will see a confirmation message and the option to Mark as Shipped will disappear:
Mark shipped

What do I do when a customer buys a Gift Certificate?

1. Create a coupon in your shop for the amount purchased (1 time use only)
2. Email the customer the gift certificate asap. The gift certificate needs to be pretty and should include the coupon code, the amount and a link to your shop. You are welcome to use the Conscious Crafties Gift Certificate Template.
Conscious Crafties Gift Certificate


When packaging up your orders, think how you can make it a special experience for your customers when unwrapping. Pretty, inexpensive or homemade packaging really adds to the excitement for your customers and also helps encourage them to write positive reviews 🙂

Happy Crafting! 🙂