Craftie Friends Sharing Events

Do you wonder what the invite you receive each week is for? #CraftieFriends was started to help us Crafties get our products seen by people on social media. Each week you are paired with a different Craftie, and once a day (more if you wish) Monday to Friday, you share an item from your buddie’s Conscious Crafties shop. You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – wherever you have social network accounts and your buddie will do the same with items in your shop. Each week you are given a new buddie, so a new audience gets to see your products. By taking part you are helping more people hear about Conscious Crafties and all our talent, along with having a nosey at all the gorgeous products and making friends with your fellow Crafties that you may not have had chance to talk to in our community support group.
Why not come and join in next week? All you need to do to be included in the pairings is have at least 5 items in your shop and click on ‘Going’ on the event when the invite arrives. The pairings will then get posted on Sundays within the Event by our lovely Joanna Hall, along with a link to your buddie’s shop, to save you having to go looking for it…

#CraftieFriends Hashtag
Remember our Hashtag #CraftieFriends – hash tags work on all social networks and makes it easy for people to find our posts x

Get Retweeted!
If you are sharing on Twitter and would like Karen to Retweet, then tag Conscious Crafties @ConsciousCrafty


Crafties Friends was invented by our lovely Joanna Hall 🙂 xx