Craftie Friends

#CraftieFriends was the brainchild of Joanna Hall, to help Crafties get products seen by new people on social media. Each week you have the option to join in and be paired with a fellow Craftie for the following week. Then every day that week you share an item from your buddies shop and they share your products in return. To find your buddies shop simple search for their name in the ‘Find Crafties‘ page (link at top of website). Each week you are paired with a new Craftie, so a new audience gets to see your products. By taking part you are helping more people hear about Conscious Crafties and all our talent, along with having a nosey at all the gorgeous products while making friends with your fellow Crafties that you may not have had chance to talk to in our Crafties Club.

How do I join in?
All you need to do to be included in the pairings is have at least 5 items in your shop and comment with ‘Yes please’ on the weekly reminder post in our Crafties Club on Facebook. Please comment before 3pm on Sundays to be included in the following weeks pairings. The buddy pairings get posted on Sundays evenings within the group.

Where do I share?
You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – wherever you have social network accounts and your buddie will do the same with items from your shop. #CraftieFriends is about getting new audiences to see our makes, so don’t share in our Facebook Crafties Club, as we all know how talented we all are 😀 When sharing on Facebook, share wherever you feel comfortable, your own profile, your Facebook business page, groups you belong to etc. Also we have set up our own Facebook Conscious Crafties Handmade Marketplace Group were you can safely share up to 3 posts a day of yours or your #CraftieFriends shop and/or product links.

#CraftieFriends Hashtag
Remember our Hashtag #CraftieFriends – hash tags work on all social networks and makes it easy for people to find our posts x

What if I’m too ill or busy to share?
Please immediately let your Craftie buddy know you are unable to share and make arrangements to share their products at a later date.