Reasons Shops Are Not Approved

Reasons Your Shop Might Not Get Approved

Thank you for applying for a shop on Conscious Crafties. Successful applicants receive an approval email within 7 days (please check your junk/spam email folder as we sometimes land in there). If you haven’t received an email, it’s possible you weren’t successful this time. There are several reasons we may not have been able to approve your application:

Product photography quality. See our Perfect Product Images Guide
The market is saturated with similar items (eg beaded jewellery, box frames) – we are looking for unique and interesting new talent
The standard/quality of products not up to expectations
Range of products is too small
Pricing issues – too expensive or too cheap
Too many shop applications with similar products / in same product category
Offensive products
No consideration of copyright/trademark rules
Issues surrounding: Product Safety; Toy Safety; Cosmetic Products Safety; Food Labelling etc

If you were unsuccessful this time, keep practicing and experimenting with your crafts. Make sure you comply with any legal requirements and reapply at a later date. If you crafts don’t fall into the reasons above, it’s possible your application encountered a problem. Some applicants forget to tick ‘I want to sell on Conscious Crafties’ so their application appears as a customer rather than a shop application. If you believe this might of happened when you applied, please contact us.