I fell across Conscious Crafties by sheer fluke and joined immediately as it was just what I had been looking for. Support and understanding is vital when you are battling illness and disability.

Unicorn, fantasy wool sculpture, handmade unique gifts
Unicorn Fantasy Sculpture

My felting took off in August 2016 after my jewellery making days were cut short due to Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Bone Disease and Reactive Depression. I was no longer able to manipulate pliers and tiny beads, polymer clay proved too painful to roll out and wire was a struggle. However, once I discovered Needlefelting I was hooked and spent many an hour on the Interweb learning my new skill.  If I say so myself I learnt very quickly, got really good a it and sales of my quirky, fun makes soon followed due to their uniqueness.  No two are the same.  Faces are fun to watch come alive as I stab the fluff. Wet felting is a new skill I’m playing with. Having mastered felting soaps I want to learn much more so have enrolled on a course in September in the New Forest.

Lavender Plus soap, felted soap, health and beauty product
Lavender Felted Soap

Am not good at blogging but this one comes with a heartfelt (no pun intended) message to fellow crafters who suffer.  Never give up hope!  We struggle, we hurt, we are weary, we cry with frustration, we see the black cloud hovering but through the darkness there is sunshine! By knowing our limitations we can and will live with whatever ails us.

Through this amazing group we have knowledge,  skills, advice and listening ears! Use it well my #craftiebuddys




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