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Who needs to get in the room anyway?

Messy Craft room

Here at Posh Dog – we love fabrics.  There is no excuse – I see a pretty pattern – or a soft fluffy texture – and my mind hits overdrive.  I always work on short pattern runs of 1 or 2 metres for the 100% cotton patterned fabrics – so that there is always a good turnaround of patterns – and there is always something new when you drop in.  The solid colours and the fleece I buy in larger lengths – that can be a bit scary when you get 6 or 7 rolls of about 10 metres each!

So – I was decorating the living room – and I get sooooo far (it’s taking me weeks)!

– and I get a delivery of fleece for a new project I am working on – guess my timing really sucks – but it’s fabric – and it was soft – and some of it was on sale – and it has doggies on – and it is fluffy – and it’s yummie

it’s just that you can’t get in the living room yet!!!!!!!

Mind you – there are those among us that have discovered just how snugly it is – and are moving in to stake a claim on the ‘new project’

– – hmmm – guess I am going to have to make him a liner for his bed – as he has already claimed it!

love from Pandy and Henry

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