CRPS type 2 and living with it

Well here I am, I’m Sonia, a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) warrior! My very first blog and I haven’t a clue what to say! So I guess I will take this moment to welcome you all and I hope my stories (not stories this is real life) will encourage others out there, in a similar situation to do something with their life even if they feel right now that nothing is possible and their life has no other way to turn. Some of my story may upset you, but I have to tell you as it is and let you know how devastating this disease can be for people out there.

If you have CRPS, or any other painful condition for that matter… and feel you want to speak to someone, please feel free to message me 🙂 I am an excellent listener, and never judge anyone 🙂


CRPS is the lonliest planet on this earth, it is also the most painful disease, untreatable and incurable. Some can have it for many years with only a few affects but can still go on with normal life, majority of these are subgroup type 1 warriors. Type 2 warriors are the most bravest people I have ever met (including myself!) Lol. We have NO chance of remission. We have more chance of the disease spreading and we have to be extremely careful when we bump ourselves (that’s all it takes for CRPS to develop at the site bumped) and many of us end up bedbound.

I have had to live the past 3 years in almost complete silence as none of the medical profession here seem to understand CRPS (or don’t want to understand it) I do not want others thinking they have to go through the same! What knowledge I have gained over the years has helped me alot in understanding what and why my body is making changes. So please, don’t sit in silence, talk to someone, anyone 🙂

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