Stress can cause funny things with your skin. I have had a very stressful past couple of weeks as well as a pretty horrible flare-up. As a result, everything was affected – even my skin. Of course, I adjust my skincare routine according to how it is behaving. If it was dry last week, I use a soap for dry skin. If it is oily this week, I use a soap to control oil production. If its behaving weirdly or unexpectedly like it has this past week, I get creative.

My skincare routine of late is: Pink Grapefruit & Activated Charcoal soap, Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, and my Butter Me Freshly! face cream.

This past week, my skin has been oily/combination and I have been getting hormonal zits. Yuck! Now, I know my skin needs a thorough detox because I try so many different combinations of homemade products (Yes, I test all of my products myself and I have others who guinea pig for me XD.) So I got to thinking. I used to use various clay masks and natural detox recipes when my skin was really bad and I think it helped a lot and sped up the healing process.

Why not try a combination that I come up with myself?

Spur of the moment in my kitchen, I mixed and measured according to the things I know my skin likes. Bentonite and charcoal serve as detoxifying, and to help balance oil production as well as take care of blackheads or excess sebum in my pores!! Honey will prevent the clay and charcoal from over drying my sensitive skin and also serve as antiseptic. Apple Cider Vinegar (My favorite ingredient, as it is truly a miracle from nature!!) will help balance pH, heal breaks in the acid mantle, shrink and detox pores, and treat any existing acne issues. I added a little filtered water for consistency.

Acne Face Masks for extremely dry / sensitive skin

My ingredients:

  • -Bentonite Clay
  • -Activated Charcoal
  • -Honey
  • -Apple Cider Vinegar
  • -Water

So, I mixed it up, applied it to my face, and let it sit for about 10 minutes or until it began to dry. NEVER leave your mask on until it is fully dry. When it starts to feel tight or crack, wash it off with warm water.

Handmade Acne Face Masks for extremely dry / sensitive skin

I will use it every night for a few nights to fully test this recipe, but here are the results so far:

  • -My skin is softer
  • -No noticeable oilyness or dryness. It feels very balanced and supple
  • -Inflammation has decreased a lot. No visible redness except around my eyes (but that is another problem for another day).
  • -My pores are no longer visible. The charcoal shrinks them up fast!!
  • -The clay was smooth and easy to apply. I recommend it for texture sensitive people.
  • -The mask did not smell very strong of vinegar, but if you are sensitive to scent–use water instead.
Testing Handmade Acne Face Masks for extremely dry / sensitive skin

Yup, my house is fun and you are all jealous aren’t you? 😀 This is why my family calls me “the mad soap artist”. Hehe!

Thanks for reading!

Alicia Bella Joubert <3

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