December 5th 2016, wandering through houses for rent online (no real thought of moving – although the new Tenant to the flat upstairs with his banging music and substance smoking was beginning to make me think it might be in order) and just happened to click on to rent in South Wales. Not sure why, as had been settled in Torquay for several years after we had to stop working as Caravan Park Wardens due to hubby’s illness (maybe I’ve always a Valleys girl at heart). There was a house, it popped up and the price caught my eye – our pokey little flat meant I crafted on my lap in the lounge (ok for knitting and crochet but not great for anything else). This was half the price we were paying and HUGE, my interest was grabbed!

December 9th trip to Wales with hubby and my daughter (who had the day off). The house had been empty for many months, so there was no electric to light it up and it felt cold damp and unloved, some of the rooms were screaming out “decorate me!”. There was a lovely big yard at the back and a flight of steep steps with an iron gate (unfortunately there was so much garden waste on the steps we could not open the gate).

I loved it (hubby was rather less impressed) but daughter saw the possibilities and maybe I was swayed by the idea of my very own craft room! Deal was sealed when Agents offered us half price rent for first month as it needed a good airing and decorating.

January 5th (less than a month from seeing the place) we moved, there was a little twist to the story along the way, as leaving the house on the 9th the Agents mentioned another property just round the corner but she didn’t have the keys on her. We stopped outside and it looked great (except the hill was rather steep to say the least and decided hubby would find getting in and out the car too hard). However my daughter loved the look of it, they had outgrown their flat in Torquay and when she got home she had mailed the agents, made an appointment to view and so on the move in day we were ALL moving to Wales (she was born there but had not grown up in Wales so a bigger move for them than me).

secret garden
Our Secret Garden

Today is 5th February – I can’t believe its only a month since moving – the house is now almost finished as far as decorating goes – and yesterday I managed to clear the steps to our “Secret Garden”. Since I had only been able to see it from the bedroom window. The house is warm and cosy and after visiting last weekend my other daughter has now decided a move is on the cards for later in the year (new arrival due in July so at some point after that). As far as my crafting is concerned, my new craft room is last on the list to sort but it has all my bits in and I am gradually unpacking them. I ordered a new sewing machine (which i will hopefully get to start using this coming week,long time since I owned one and they’ve certainly changed!) and having space to move around is so nice.

I’ve managed to put lots of items onto my Conscious Crafties shop since moving in and now can start making some new bits and pieces. To anyone thinking of moving, its jolly hard work, but we’ve found it worth the effort and I will let you know next week how the sewing (and the garden) is coming along.


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