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HCN_Apothecary getting on our soapbox

Hi folks, hope you are all having a good day so far! My daughter Susan and I have been Conscious Crafties members for a wee while now and have enjoyed seeing the many, many gorgeous crafts over the weeks and been over the moon with the couple of sales we’ve had (many thanks and appreciation). We’ve been relatively quiet ourselves, that’s been due to a further dip in my health (had to relearn and accept new limitations for myself) but, we have continued to work away in the background formulating new products, testing new products, trying out new exciting ingredients, rebranding packaging etc and starting to put together Christmas gift sets (yeah, that time already….yikes!) but we do like to try and be organised.

Nettle Cold Process Handmade Soap Bar
Nettle Handmade Soap

Anyway, the lovely Karen got in touch a few weeks ago asking if we would like to put together a kind of information / fact sheet on what’s involved in the cottage industry of handmade soap and toiletries (sorry Karen, I hadn’t forgotten, have just been trying to gather energy, confidence and get the old grey matter kicking in!…aye I’m quite shy, coming out of my shell can be quite scary sometimes lol). So we are going to start with the fact sheet in our blog (which we aim to be doing every week) we would like to cover the ingredients we use, why we use them, the benefits to the skin, hair and nails and don’t forget we also make products for the guys and our precious furry friends pet products too! We will cover Cosmetic Safety Assessments, Insurance and UK/EU Cosmetic Product Regulation. We will also aim to raise awareness of buying handmade cosmetic products at markets and fairs etc.

Well I hope some of you lovelies will be as interested to have an insight to our little industry as we have been in the discussions on CE marking on fabrics and toys etc. I noted with great interest a post recently in which photos were taken of toys for sale in a Supermarket with no CE marking on the label – how can they do this and the small cottage craft person can’t! Yeah, we come across this frequently in our industry too, seems to be its different rules for the big companies and rules for us!

I do hope you will join us and visit our blog where we are very much looking forward to sharing with you, in the meantime be kind to yourself, have a good day, keep up the great work and blessings to all.

Linda & Susan xx


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