Handover Hub

Handover Hub

Learning hub to help #CraftiesTakeOverTheWorld! ????

Daily Tasks

Checking emails
Check for Cancelled orders
Customer Queries: Where’s My Order?
Admin the Crafties Handmade Marketplace Facebook Group

Weekly Tasks

Monday – Most Viewed Products Post
Monday – Chasing Failed Membership Payments

Frequent Tasks

Responding to ‘New Message From’ Emails

Crafties Shops

Checking New Crafties Shops
Importing Products to Shops
Cancelling OLD Subscriptions to Subscribe to NEW Membership
Deleting Crafties Shops
Payment Breaks – NEW VIDEO NEEDED
Sponsored Memberships – NEW VIDEO NEEDED
Membership Discount Codes
Number of Shops – NEW VDEO NEEDED
Moving Products to a Different Shop
Add ‘Happy Swapper’ badge to shop banners
Changing Shipping Table
Changing Users Password


Moving Products to a Different Shop
Copying Products
Emptying Product Bin
Changing Shipping Table
Managing Product Options
Reordering Products in Shops
Test product to Test Orders/Checkout

Product Categories

Adding Product Categories
Adding Category Images
Hiding Product Categories


Deleting Crafties Images
Adding Category Images


Test product to Test Orders/Checkout
Check for Cancelled orders
Customer Queries: Where’s My Order?

User Accounts

Changing Users Password


Deleting Menu Item

Sale and Offers

Adding and Removing a Sale

Social Networks

Links to social networks
Social Media Image Sizes
Adding Crafties to Crafties Club
Forcing Facebook to use a different image
Correcting images and product titles using Facebook Debugger

Branding & Marketing

Branding Colours and Fonts
Changing Logo in Photoshop


Sending Campaigns to Shop Waitlist


Chasing Failed Membership Payments
Issuing Refunds
Transferring Crafties order funds that land in Stripe


What are PlugIns?
Adding NEW Paid Plugins
WCVendors Pro 20% off coupon
WCVendors Pro New Release Instructions
Raising WCVendors Support Tickets
BuddyPress New Release Instructions
Memberpress New Release Instructions
Shop Sections New Release Instructions

New Feature Requests

New Features Wishlist

Resolving Issues

Checking for Website Errors


Chronic Illness Contacts

Account Details

Social Network Account Details
Technical Account Details
Test Site Account Details
Payment Account Details
Other Account Details