Wooden Bug/Insect House

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  • CAD: $ 19.13


Hand decorated wooden bug/insect house. Attract more bugs and insects such as bees, ladybirds & butterflies to your garden, to aid pollination, with this delightful insect house. Made from wood and bamboo, there are plenty of holes and spaces for insects and bug to make their homes. The house is decorated with flowers and butterflies on the side and bees on the roof. Over this is three layers of non toxic, environmentally friendly finishing coat, which means it is OK to hang it outside. On the back there is a bracket to hang the box.

The roof provides shelter from the rain for the inhabitants and the bamboo and holes provide an ideal place for insects and bugs to lay their eggs. Hang your bug house in a sunny place protected from prevailing winds ( preferably south facing & approx 5 feet from the ground) but near to plants that provide food.

Enjoy watching the insects and bugs coming and going and gain an attractive piece of wall art as well !


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