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Would you like to help support a Craftie’s business?
Our Conscious Crafties are all talented entrepreneurs who are either living with a Disabilities, Chronic Health Conditions or have become a Carer for family who need extra care.
You can now sponsor a Craftie by covering their shop fees.
Following your generous gift, we will identify a Craftie who is in real genuine need of support right now.
Thank you so much for your kindness xx

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Posted on7th June 2018 by Ceri Smith

In 2011 I was perfectly healthy going about my workaholic lifestyle when BOOM! – I started fainting up to 10 times a day and my bed became my best friend. A year later I was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) a rare condition affecting the blood vessels and heart rate. There’s no cure, but reaching out to others with the same condition has been a huge help in learning to live with it.  Three years later I was told my POTS was caused by EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) a connective tissue disorder affecting the skin, cartilage, ligaments & blood vessels – i.e. everything that holds us together! I also have some bonus conditions: fibromyalgia, raynaud’s disease, chronic pain syndrome, migraines and asthma. Life has been tough, but I’ve met some wonderfully strong friends who also live with chronic illnesses. Many have turned to craft to bring joy into their lives. This incredible group of people are the worlds untapped talent. Buying their beautiful handmade items (& mine!) will help to rebuild their lives. Thank you xx

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