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Taken into hospital I have had to close my store for the present.


Rainbow Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant.

She remembered the biting wind and how the cold made her ears burn waiting in the dark bus station with granny. It felt like the bus would never come and she began stamping her little feet and blowing into her hands to keep warm. She read the faded circus poster on the back wall for what seemed like the thousandth time. When the bus came she spent the familiar journey home watching all the houses go by lit by the yellow cast of the lamp posts. A quick walk from their stop through the cold night air and home had never looked so welcoming. Finally standing in front of the fire warming up Joanne shed the tears she had held back all night as her ears burned all the harder as they thawed out.

Joanne  is a beautiful Rainbow Quartz pendant wrapped in silver plated wire. The gemstone measures approx 30mm x 27mm and her total dimensions wrapped are 58mm  x  32mm. Wire wrapped in a free flowing style Joanne is a unique piece of hand crafted jewellery.

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Disabled for the last 24 years. House bound and restricted to a wheelchair, I had a need for some purpose in life. To feel I was still productive despite my health issues. In 2013 I became interested in jewellery making as it required only a basic set of tools and was something I could make on my lap tray. My interest soon turned to wire wrapped jewellery and now I make nothing else. All my jewellery is made from genuine gemstones with each piece being unique.

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