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The unique hand made pendant, on this OOAK necklace, has been lovingly hand made totally from high quality polymer clay. It will make an unusual gift for any lady that loves nature, crafts, or just craves something totally unique to her. Great Teacher gift or Teenager Gift.

The clay was first made into “canes” and thin slices of the canes (like sticks of candy rock with pattern all of the way through) were applied to a pendant shape, made earlier, to create the green background. Slices of the butterfly cane were added to a small body shape on this fun polymer clay necklace and flower slices used to finish off the design, along with some tweaking and texturing. Pieces are then baked in the oven at a controlled temp. After baking the clay it goes through the sanding and polishing processes to finish.

The necklace is made from light and darker green beautiful “moon” beads woven onto, 3 matching colours of, tiger tail wire, finished with black coloured trigger catch and 2.5 in extender chain. The necklace can be worn as 18.5 to 21 inches to fit in with the neckline on your outfit. Your jewellery will arrive in a Free Gift Box, ready to gift, and Free Delivery.

Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have about my jewellery.
Gentle Hugs from Julie x

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I was diagnosed with epilepsy as a baby but fits seemed to stop when I was 6 yrs old and Dr weaned me off meds when 11 yrs. About that time I started suffering with crippling pains in my hands and knees. Consultant, Mr Bains, in Dryburn Hospital diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis for which I received gold injections and physio for knee pain and wax dips for hands. I was nicknamed “Knacky Knee” at school and became the class clown so the other kids would laugh with me instead of at me! For the next 35 years, in between work, marriage, divorce and remarriage, childbearing and caring for elderly parents, I was convinced that I was a hypochondriac! How could anyone have right knee pain in the morning, then neck and jaw pain by evening and why did I want to sleep during the day, so so tired! I had pretty much everything in the Dr’s book until I was told I had “a little bit of Fibromyalgia” and I googled the condition. Then I cried with relief as it all fit into place and I’m not crazy! I took severance/early retirement in 2016 as I was constantly on sick leave and finding it embarrassing when I couldn’t have vital conversations with clients without “forgetting” my words! I have a son aged 39, a daughter 32 who also has Fibromyalgia and suffers badly since she had her 2 babies 15 months apart 5 and 6 years ago. She also has inherited CMT 1a from my husband. This was recently diagnosed in them and, more recently, in her youngest girl. This affects their muscles, especially in feet and they frequently fall over. We all do our best to look after each other in our good days and craft helps us to relax. Therefore, we have many pretty things in our very cluttered home that may make other people smile and were delighted to find out about Conscious Crafties! I look forward to chatting to other Crafties and trading with some of you in future. Gentle Hugs from Jules xxxxx

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