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Introducing our zebra toy. This plush zebra is a delightfully cute and cuddly plush toy. He has been created in a sitting position, and he can sit unaided. This taggy zebra toy does not have jointed limbs; instead he has been stuffed in a manner that allows some movement of his arms and legs. This large zebra taggy toy is made of zebra print plush fabric.

This fabric has a 3 mm pile, giving it a warm, smooth and highly luxurious feel. This fabric is 100% polyester. The stuffed toy zebra has his features carefully embroidered into place. This cuddly zebra is CE marked.

This zebra has ribbon taggies in black with a white spot.

Soft toy zebra measures 9 inches high, 9 inches front to back and foot to foot 5 inches.

We recommend hand washing this product. Do not tumble dry or iron

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As I have always enjoyed sewing, alongside homeschooling our many children, turning my hobby into a business seemed like the most natural thing to do when faced with my first chronic illness diagnosis. Following weeks of very unpleasant symptoms in 2014, I was admitted to hospital following a colonoscopy and diagnosed with pancolitis (affecting my entire bowel) which left me struggling to leave the house. It wasn’t long after this that ‘bonus’ illnesses began to rear their heads (all of which were apparently linked). First my heart rate increased to an irregular but dangerously fast level (Atrial fibrillation), again without cure but managed with medication to a point. Then a few months later, pain began to develop in my knees. Struggling to walk I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I had already suffered from painful back spasms for almost thirty years, and so, having been diagnosed with osteoarthritis my consultant decided to send me for a series of MRI scans, where it was determined that I had cysts growing on my spine. I thought I had my full collection of trials by that point and we began finding ways to manage things whilst my husband worked. Then the widespread pain began, along with several migraines each month. My limbs would feel numb at times and every muscle in my body seemed to ache and stiffen. Even if I slept for twelve hours solid I would awaken as though I had not slept at all. More appointments and we informed that the cause was the addition of fibromyalgia.

We had some difficult decisions to make at this point, as even basic activities we all take for granted were become almost impossible for me to achieve without help. None the less we knew wanted to continue home schooling our children and I wanted to continue sewing (the one hobby I could still manage to gain some pleasure from), so my husband finished his job and became my carer and the children’s head tutor. Cutting a long story short, we then transformed my hobby into our main income. We work full time, although admittedly, for us this term often means something a little different. Perhaps I should say I work when my body does. None the less, we are here, doing all we can, and above all striving to enjoy life regardless of our circumstances.

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