Personalised “Pet as a Plush” crochet cuddly toy

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The images shown are for illustrative purposes only and you will receive a plush of YOUR pet made from photographs, as the shown dog was. This is a listing to have your very own pet made into a cuddly toy!
Each Lovingly Handmade crochet pet is painstakingly handcrafted to the likeness of your beloved pet. Any pet can be made, from dogs, cats and rabbits, to rats, tortoises and birds!
Each one is made to order from photographs of your pet. You can send me them digitally via email @
To complete your order I will need photographs of the left/right sides of your pet, the front and rear, the belly and back, as well as paws, claws or feet, as well as a face closeup. You should also try and send any other pictures that show the special details that make your pet unique and special to you!

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My story begins when I was just four years old and suffering with severe knee pain.

For 15 years I was misdiagnosed or wrongly treated. I was told it was just growing pains and that it would pass. I was told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen when it hurt, and by the age of 15 I was taking these every four hours, day and night. I hardly ever slept due to the pain, and I was often unable to stay around friends houses, or go out for long periods of time because I would end up in tears. It felt like both my legs had been broken. My wonderful mum would often wake up to hear me crying and end up sitting on my bed for hours on end trying to comfort and console me, knowing that the doctors were doing nothing to help me, her and my dad taking me to A&E to try and get me help at all hours of the morning and just generally fighting for me in any way they could.

It was only when I went for a small, unrelated operation aged 19 that a kind nurse told me that as I had juvenile arthritis on my hospital notes, I should have it re-evaluated as I was an adult. My jaw dropped to the floor. Suddenly, the pain, the agonising nights, the missed chances to socialise, it all had a name and a reason. It was such a relief.

I immediately made an appointment to see my GP and the wheels were finally set in motion for my diagnosis. I saw a rheumatologist and I got my final results – I had the knees of a 90 year old woman aged 19. And I had rheumatoid arthritis.

I used to sit and cry with my mum in the waiting room for my rheumatology appointments as I looked around at all the older people there. I was the only person under 60 at those appointments. I knew no one else that was suffering that could relate to me being a young person with such a horrible disease. After many different medications and treatments, I was finally given a long term drug that took the edge off of my pain and meant I could continue to work and go out and socialise like a normal 21 year old!

However, this wasn’t the end of my story as more joints became affected. I developed severe anxiety about leaving the house incase the pain increased to unmanageable levels and  I was unable to get home. I became isolated and depressed and lost all my closest friends.

Finally, with a push from my wonderful fiancé, my family and a small group of loving friends, I began to be treated for my anxiety and depression and got my life back on track. I’ve always tried my best to hold down a job regardless of these difficulties and I have always managed to. At the moment, due to a knee injury, I have been out of work since September and I am waiting for treatment to get my life back to normal. I try my best to stay positive and keep focusing on returning to the teaching job that I love, although it is so hard to see a way out.

I have found solace in crafting and crocheting and it’s an amazing distraction and outlet for all my troubles. It’s turning something so negative into something positive.

Thank you for reading my story and looking at my crafts.

I wish you all the health and happiness in the world.

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