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Personalised pencil case with rainbow text

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This hardwearing linen cotton pencil case is ideal for all your essential pens and stationary. It is a fully customisable item so you can choose your text and your colour.

Happy to design something unique for you, just drop me a message.

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Back in December 2016, I was a very different person with a very different life. After waiting and hoping for three decades, I was finally chasing my dream to become a nurse. Little did I know my world was about to change so drastically.

Whilst on a nursing placement, I started to become very unwell, losing a considerable amount of weight in a short time. My body ached, my joints swelled and I couldn’t eat or swallow without having a drink. My eyes started to fail me and after suffering serious chest pains, I finally consulted a doctor. Here begins my whirlwind.

An x-ray showed masses in both of my lungs and throughout my chest and abdomen. Ten different tests later and along came the grim news that I had Lymphoma. I was forced to wait two weeks for a biopsy, where they made an incision at the base of my throat and removed some large lymph nodes. To cut a long story short, the biopsy showed the lymph removed was consistent with a disease called Sarcoidosis. At this point I had never heard of such a disease neither had my haematologist nor GP! It amazes me how few people know about this condition which for many can be life limiting so I would love to be someone who can help raise awareness and educate those who want to know. The medical profession know very little about causes and as the disease affects everybody differently, it’s impossible to give an accurate prognosis.

So why am I here? Well, as a student nurse life was difficult enough financially and physically and nursing patients through a 12 hour shift isn’t something my wonderful body would allow me to do. Instead, it forced me to sleep for 16-17 hours a day. So in return I was forced to take a year out of my studies. The impact of which has been profound, I miss my life. I have very little fun in my life these days but I take a huge amount of pride in being a creative person and I find myself in a position where I have to try and turn a hobby into an actual business. It does not get much more scary than this!

I love the fact people think my designs and creations are ‘good enough’ to buy. Like most, I am my own worst critic so I still get a huge buzz when I am asked to make something bespoke. There is literally nothing better than receiving a photograph of my items in their new homes or being worn by their owner. On the difficult days, I remind myself that I am in fact ‘good enough’

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