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Using the picture NUMBER, tell us what your 1st and optional 2nd and 3rd choices would be if you were to win one of the awareness items below.
25, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56 and 57

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Winners So Far!

*How To Claim Your Prize*
Please EMAIL KAREN giving your Name and Address so we can send your goodies 😀 x
Item No. 1 – Martha Mendez
Item No. 2 – Judy Draper
Item No. 3 – Sharon Diaper
Item No. 4 – Rose Wedlinscky
Item No. 5 – Betty Minor
Item No. 6 – Katie Wells
Item No. 7 – Bev Wild
Item No. 8 – Liza Joubert
Item No. 9 – Sheila Atkinson
Item No. 10 – Carol Thornton
Item No. 11 – Kerry Lovatt
Item No. 12 – Casey Songer
Item No. 13 – Clare Parr
Item No. 14 – Erin Alley
Item No. 15 – Jenna Foster
Item No. 16 – Laura Cordell
Item No. 17 – Mia Wedlinscky
Item No. 18 – Kristina She
Item No. 19 – Sherry Abbott
Item No. 20 – Laura Vago
Item No. 21 – Raquel Januario
Item No. 22 – Natashia Adams
Item No. 23 – Suzy Hesketh
Item No. 24 – Liz Patrick
Item No. 26 – Ambre Minty
Item No. 27 – Louise Nutter
Item No. 28 – Catherine Fee
Item No. 29 – Donna Acosta
Item No. 30 – Bonny Bordeleau
Item No. 31 – Crystal Biglow
Item No. 36 – Lynne Minister
Item No. 38 – Cassie Borland
Item No. 45 – Kathleen Brown
Item No. 55 – Christina Hart
Item No. 58 – Mia Knight
Breast Cancer Awareness Pin
Awareness ribbon cushion
Spare spoon - purple
Handstamped Spoon any wording
Breast cancer necklace
Light blue awareness necklace
black Melanoma, Narcolepsy, Anti Violence Necklace
Blue Awareness Bookmark
Personalised Awareness Spoonie Spoon - any colour
Light Blue Bracelet Screw Clasp
Purple Awareness Bracelet
Red Awareness Bracelet
Green and Red Spoon Necklace
Pink and Green Hope Necklace
No. 43 -  Purple and Orange Never Give Up Necklace
No. 46 -  Purple Hope Earrings
No. 49 -  White and Red Hope Bracelet
No. 52 -  Gold and Black Hope Necklace
No. 55 -  Green Hope Hope Necklace
Breast Cancer Awareness Pin
Spare spoon - pink
Spare spoon - teal
Autism Awareness Necklace
CRPS MS Self Harm awareness necklace
Purple teddy awareness necklace
EDS Zebra Awareness Necklace
Purple Migraine Spoonie Set
Light Blue Angel Awareness Bracelet
Cerebral palsy, Depression etc Neclace
Pink Awareness Bracelet
Green Awareness Necklace and Earrings
Purple Hope Ribbon Awareness Earrings
Pink and Green Believe Necklace
No. 44 -  Purple and Yellow Hope Necklace
No. 47 -  Gold and Red Believe Earrings
No. 50 -  Red Hope Earrings
No. 53 -  Pink and Blue Ribbon Necklace
No. 56 -  Zebra Rare Disease Earrings
No. 58 -  Pink Ribbon Awareness Ring
Awareness unicorn
Spare spoon - blue
Spare spoon - zebra
Awareness Necklace
Spina Bifida/Endo/Bone Cancer Necklace
CRPS, MS orange awareness necklace
Childhood Cancer Awareness Necklace
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Spoonie Set
Hope Black and White Bracelet
Fabric spoon with lavender
Red Awareness Phone/Bag Charm
Green and Blue Hope Necklace
Red and Yellow Hope Necklace
No. 42 -  Blue ad Silver Believe Bracelet
Orange and Silver Hope Necklace
No. 48 -  Black White and Red Hope Bracelet
No. 51 -  Autism Hope Necklace
No. 54 -  Pink, Blue and Purple Hope Bracelet
No. 57 -  Blue Angel Awareness Earrings

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