Miniature Bathbomb Sets Tiny DollHouse Accessories

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Adult dollhouse collectors items.

Not intended for use in the bathroom and not suitable for children.

Random colour will be sent unless specific request made on same day as purchase.

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Miniature Bathbomb Sets

These miniatures are handmade from polymer clay. Choose from a set of 3 miniature bathbombs or a set of 4 with a miniature soap.

I’ve not made these to an exact scale but I have some in my doll’s house which is 1:12 scale and they look just fine. I have taken a photo next to a 1p coin so that you can judge for yourself depending on the size/scale you were looking for.

They would also go well on a small scale bathroom diorama too.

Now that you’re here, please feel free to browse and if you can’t see the miniature what you’re looking for then please feel free to message me, and if I can supply it I will list it for you.

Leanne xoxo

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