Cute valentine hair bow for toddler girls, mermaid hair clip for girls, Valentines day gift



Standard fixture is a crocodile clip however do offer alternatives as shown in the gallery. Please select the fixture of your choice from the available options or message us if you have any questions or requests.

*Safety Precautions 

Please note this is not a toy. Our bow contains small parts that could be a choking hazard in small children. To ensure the safe enjoyment of the bow please supervise young children whilst wearing their bow and remove when they are going to bed etc when they will be not directly supervised

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  • Mermaid hair bow in pink and red glitter measuring approximately 4”.
  • Bow is a fan bow style.
  • Bow is embellished with a Pink Mermaid Clay in light and dark pink with tail fins fading into white.
  • Mermaid hair embellished with white, dark and light pink hearts

Bow posted Via Royal Mail 1st Class small parcel

If you prefer to design your own bow or keep up to date with the latest arrivals or designs you can do so via Facebook @HandmadebyAMADesign or Instagram @HandmadebyAMA


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I have always had ADHD and dyslexia and now I have anxiety. My ADHD has always made life a struggle as I would become easily distracted from school and become hyper focused upon more fun tasks. For me now these fun tasks is creating personalised products and gifts to help others have unique gifts and products for themselves and loved one. I have mugs, wine glasses , rainbows, cushions, clothing really everything and anything can be turned into something special and unique with meaning and thought. My biggest supporter is my sister Shona-Lisa who has cerebral palsy which has led to chronic pain. When Shona-Lisa was forced to leave work for health reasons she helped free up time for me to focus more on Handmade by AMA Design and she even started helping expand AMA Design by creating a range of beautiful hair accessories. She creates both simple bows for girls daily life as well as beautiful unique one of a kind clay bows for the girls who like to stand out from the crowd with fairies, mermaids, ballerina, unicorns and rainbows. She also does custom requests for that special occasion or reward. From bows she expanded into pouches and purses and we now have beautiful handmade accessories to keep those headphones, medicines etc as well as money in.

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If you are not totally in love with your item, I operate a 14 day money back guarantee (excluding custom or personalised items that cannot easily be resold). Please contact me via my Contact Craftie button within 14 days of receiving your item, indicating if you would like an exchange or refund. Please include date and details of your order. If you wish to return your item, you will be notified of where to send it. Unless the item is faulty, you’re responsible for return postage costs. Once your return is received and inspected, you will receive an email to notify you that your item has been received. If requesting a refund, your Paypal account will be credited within 2 days. If you have chosen to receive an exchange, on receipt of the returned item, a replacement item will be made. In the unlikely event your item needs to be repaired, you’ll be informed how long this will take.

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