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Perfect card for any dog owner. Their beloved pet on a card.

Any breed undertaken.

Listing is for two dogs same or different breeds.

Please supply a photo of the dogs in question where you can as this helps me to create a better likeness.


Loom knitted by me with safety eyes each card will be unique as us the nature of handmade.(colours may vary Slightly)

The card is A5 in size and comes supplied with an envelope and is blank inside for you to add your own message.

Please feel free to ask anymore questions and custom made orders are always welcome xxx

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My name is Lorraine Williams and I love crafting, as I am a carer for my daughter Hannah who has Autism, I am unfortunately unable to commit to a full time job. As a result of is and my love for crafting, I decided to set up Lollypopsticks and make a little money doing something I enjoy. Ever evolving my crafting I am currently concentrating on a range of loom knitted greetings cards so hence the new name xxx

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