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Inspirational, uplifting, positive postcards supporting mental health

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This set of 4 positivity postcards is designed to uplift the spirits of anyone struggling with their mental health. £1 from the sale of each set goes to The Samaritans. The helpline phone number and email for the Samaritans is on the reverse.

They have a heart punched in each side so that they can be strung together like bunting or tied to places where people may need their spirits lifting. The reverse of the postcard has the wording ‘reach out and have a heart to heart. It may be the best thing you ever do’. In between the punched out hearts.

These cards are laminated so can be displayed in or outdoors. Due to being laminated you would need to use a permanent marker to write on them.

I have suffered with depression, anxiety, OCD and panic attacks for most of my life. I passionately believe that reaching out and helping each other is so important. I have personally turned to the Samaritans in my darkest times and found them so helpful. Sadly we have recently lost one of our fellow Crafties and I’ve also recently lost a friend and colleague who’s struggle became too much to bear. I am hoping that these cards can help people when they are struggling. I’m intending to display some in the area my friend chose to end her battle. I hope that anyone else battling may see these and find a reason to fight and get the help they need. These cards take a long time to make but every moment is worth it if they have the potential to save a life. Please help me to help others by buying these cards and using them to reach out, talk and promote good mental health. Plus guide those struggling to seek help when life feels too hard to bear. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.

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Posted on6th September 2018 by Ceri Smith

I married my wonderful hubby in 2012. 2 weeks later I became very ill. I rapidly lost the ability to walk properly, experienced constant pain and involuntary movements and extreme fatigue. I was admitted to hospital on Christmas Eve 2012 and we missed our honeymoon as a result.

I was subsequently diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder. It’s one of those conditions that most people have never heard of…including the doctors! My life as I knew it was ripped from under me. I had a full time job working in a school helping young people, an active social life, was physically active and was very independent.  That is sadly a world away from how my life is now. I was always creative but now that I’m too poorly to work, I think I’d go mad if I couldn’t channel my limited energy into making pretty things for others to enjoy. It gives me a sense of purpose and I enjoy hearing customers say that they love what I made for them, and coming back for more. I also love that customers soon become friends and I’m thrilled to join this lovely supportive community to meet more Conscious Crafties.

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