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Handmade Coasters

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Please email any images over to myself. All coasters can be the same image or all different. Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions.

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Set of 4 Handmade Coasters. I can customise any image onto these coasters.( Animals, People, Photos or Decoration). Pictures of finished product will be sent before posting, any tweaks can then also be made. They are made from slate or tile whichever Is preferred. I use recycled slate and where possible try to use recycled tiles.

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In 2007 I started suffering with constant dizziness and have been a fainter since the age of 4. After workin from the age of 16 I struggled and continued working until 2014 when I had to stop a job I love due to Anxiety,Depression Agoraphobia,Asthma and POTs. (Fainting a lot and always feeling off balance,Chronically fatigued and Nauseous) and EDS. There’s no cure, but meeting people on forums has made me realise I am not alone. I have a lovely husband,beautiful dog (who is my sidekick and helps with anxiety) and Fabulous family that help me immensely however I needed to find a way to fill my days. I started crafting and found a love for decoupage and 3D felting. I have just found my confidence to start selling them. Thank you for reading love Sam x

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