Hand felted tumble dryer balls.

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Place several balls into the tumble dryer, along with you wet items. For an average load 3 balls are recommended. For a large load use 5 or 6. Dry clothes on your usual setting.

Drying time will be reduced.

Place the dryer balls somewhere to air before re using, or leave in your tumble dryer, with the door open.

Over time your dryer ball may shrink slightly.


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The listing is for 3 dryer balls.

100 % pure new craft wool, wrapped into a ball and felted. The layers of wool are felted together so that they will not unravel.

Blue, white and green wools have been used so each ball will have a unique colour pattern.

Dryer balls help to separate items in the dryer, reducing drying time. Wool balls also help to absorb moisture, thus reducing drying time further. As the balls are 100% wool they are soft, so there is no additional noise whilst the dryer is in use, unlike plastic versions. You can reuse again and again. With care they will last many years.

Size. Diameter approx.  75 mm. ( Slightly larger than a tennis ball ).

Crafted in a smoke free home.


Postage and packing is free when you order two listings. ( 6 balls)

All packaging has been sourced as being made from recyclable materials, and is recyclable.

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