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Guardian Necklace

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Unique, one of a kind necklace, made with non tarnish copper wire and amazonite beads. The dolphin pendant was carved out of amazonite. .

This beautiful piece is brimming with symbolism, celebrating the dolphin as a guardian of our planet. Dolphins are know to be strong and peaceful, and they like swimming with others. The Dolphin spirit therefore stands for inner strength,, harmony and cooperation.

Amazonite has long been know as a stone of healing and courage, as well as the stone of truth. While it will obviously nor make others speak the truth, it is said that it will aid you in finding your own truths: Some even say it helps you recover after disease or trauma. Other healing aspects: a positive influence on general health and beneficial if you suffer from disorders of the nervous system., as well as throat problems and thyroid issues.
Please be aware that science does not yet support the healing power of crystals, so always make sure you consult a doctor if you are unwell.

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I have three beautiful daughters, two teens, who have both been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and the baby of the family, who`s only 8. One of my daughters is relatively independent, but the oldest needs a lot of help and attention as she also suffers from severe Anxiety. Over the last 7 years I have been suffering from both Hypothyroidism and severe Depression, which has made it hard for me to cope with daily life and all the struggles that my older girls have to cope with.

I get tired very quickly, and I suffer from aches and pains that can appear out of nowhere and make it hard for me to do certain things or even move around. Combined with the need to be there for my daughters means I am not currently employed, which is very hard for me as I have always worked full time.

I have always been a creative person, even as a child I was forever drawing and making things. I remember crocheting dresses for my dolls at a relatively young age. I have learnt that being creative makes me feel better and I have been learning new skills on a regular basis, including silversmithing and lapidary (cut and polish semi-precious cabochons). It is my love of these stones that lead to Licking Lizard Rocks, so I can share some of Mother Nature`s artwork with other crafters, as well as find new homes for my own creations. I hope you like what you see.

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