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girls fox party flowing party dress

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Comfortable and cool flowing girls fox dress. Perfect for everyday wear or even to a party.
This dress is for a child aged 4 years. If you would like a dress made the same in another size then please feel free to contact me and we can arrange it to be made in another size.
The dress is made in cotton which is super cool for the hot summers days.
It is easy to care for with and can be washed on a normal 30 degree wash, left to dry and then ironed on a warm setting.

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I have always suffered from Asthma since I was born, I used to be really poorly with it as a baby but as time has passed I have learnt to live with it and control it better.

After years of fighting and research and tests at 21 I was finally diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, when you say cystitis to people they think oh yeah I’ve had that get some medication, you will be better in a week. Yeah this isn’t quite the same, my bladder goes into over drive and doesn’t seem to know what to do. After bladder stretches and botox injections things seem to of settled down slightly or again maybe I have just grown into coping with it (yeah I would go with the latter if I am honest).

I was a busy bee always liked to be busy and loved my job as a carer and rolling around with my 2 beautiful boys. Then one day I thought hmmm I think I have a water infection (prone to these due to above problem) so off I went, wee sample in hand to see the doctor. I explained it to him how my back was pure agony and he decided there and then to sign me off work and told me he was booking me in for an emergency MRI. Shocked totally shocked…… So long story short lots of tests and lots of different specialists to see and over time whilst everything was being done it was getting harder and harder for me to walk far, to do much until I am where I am at today. I mooch rather than do things, I potter and when days are bad I use my stick to get from A to B. So it was confirmed I have disc problems. 2 of my discs are bulging, 1 on the verge of slipping completely. After meeting different people for pain management, I have to say at the start of the year I eventually found something that works. I have injections into my coccyx (ouch yes it hurts, it really hurts) but for those 15 minutes of pain is so worth it. I have yet to go back and have more and am living my life more or less pain killer free. Still can’t move quick or do loads but my pain is under control!!! For once it is actually under control..

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