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Stuck trying to choose a present for the hard to buy for? Why not give them a Gift Certificate and allow them a little shopping spree with your gift.

Certificates are valid for use in Spratt’s Designs Shop on Conscious Crafties for products listed or custom creations.
You choose the amount you want your certificate to be, place your order then I spring into action where I will create your personalised gift certificate, which then will be emailed to you so you can print it off and give it to your chosen recipient. If you wish the certificate to be emailed directly to the recipient please include their 1) Email 2) Name and 3) Any message in the ‘ORDER NOTE TO SELLER’ section before compleating your order.

Certificates are non-transferable and can not be exchanged for cash. Vouchers are only redeemable once.
Please allow 24hrs for your certificate to arrive in your inbox.

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Just Paint and Dungarees
In 2014 I surprised my husband by saying that I wasn’t giving up, despite the fact I’d just been medically retired. I was going to take my crafting from a hobby to a business, and Spratt’s Designs was born. OK, let’s take a step back for a moment, and explain myself, or could that decision sound incredibly absurd, couldn’t it? After all, I didn’t just pluck that idea out of thin air.

Once a Crafter always a Crafter
Arts and Crafts were not new to me; I am a daughter of a builder/designer. Honestly, I think I was able to use a hammer before I even went to school. I was in my element creating art, I loved to draw and make things. Dyslexia runs in the family, and I suffer too, so subjects like languages were not my forte, this drew me onto the arts subjects side of studying throughout school. I also used Art as a way of escapism, losing myself in in my creative imagination.

Pride in Art
I was severely bullied, not only throughout my school years but into my adulthood too. Art became my solace, something I felt I had control of when I felt lost everywhere else. Art gave strength I needed to keep going, and this helped me mentally too. Knowing some of my creations that I have sold, have gone to forever homes helping others struggling with Mental Health, is wonderful to know and makes me feel very humble, and proud.

Past Lives
Before my big announcement to my hubby, well actually before I even met him, I had already been professionally crafting and creating art. In 1996 I qualified as a Stage Manager and landed a job in a regional theatre. As part of this role, I would design and manufacture sets for the stage as well as create hand and scenery props for many shows. All of which required me to use a wide range of artistic skills just to complete the requirements for a show. It was hard but very rewarding work and I loved it, making 3D Props, painting and even gold leafing.

Things Change
I honestly thought I would work in Theatre forever, but it wasn’t to be, I suffered an injury, which meant I was no longer fit for Theatre, so a change of career had to happen. This meant my arts and crafts went from being part of my everyday job to a hobby, only making gifts for friends and family.

Over 10 years passed, during that time I also got into graphic design and photography, taking part-time courses in both. However, my health was struck down several times, leaving me with a myriad of conditions to live with daily. I was then working as a Trainer, which I enjoyed. I was helping and teaching new skills and supporting others when my health deteriorated even more. This meant I could no longer work as a trainer; in fact, we are now back to where I was medically retired. A complicated mix of health problems were too much for my mainstream employers, and having good and bad days meant I needed to work more flexible.

‘I Can Do This’
I suffer from a major mix of health problems; I have good days and bad days, but every day I will attempt something. I am not someone who can lie there and just watch daytime telly, perhaps it’s that my hands don’t want to retire, but I’m not going to argue with that. It’s also why there is a wide range of crafts that I do, then on good days I can do the more challenging makes, then on bad days crafts that can be done while resting at the same time.

So bringing you back to 2014 and my big announcement to my husband, I was starting my own business. It may sound confident now, but I didn’t know if I could turn a hobby into a business or whether my health would permit me to, well I think I’m getting the answer now? The feedback I have had has told me that what I fall in love making, are fallen in love by their new families too. That lifts me up and drives me on to even more makes.

My Fairy on my Shoulder
I often get asked about my Fairy (logo), and the name Spratt’s Designs. Well, Spratt, I am by marriage, so it made sense to me to use a name I was proud to become. So to my fairy, well she is very special to me. I created her as a doodle, shortly after my mum passed away. She got tucked into a book for safe keeping and just sat there, out of sight out of mind. When I was sorting out my home office in the initial stages of getting my business going, she slipped out of the book and onto the desk. Well what else could I do, she wanted to be part of the business and what better logo could I use than my own Spratt Fairy. After four years she’s just had a little revamp (well we all need a makeover occasionally), in readiness for this new website, but she’s still with me, guiding me on.

Fairy after my Mother
I’m odd and I Love it
Me well I’m a very British artist, I’m inspired by what’s around me, it’s amazing what we see when we open our eyes. I must be doing something right for the rest of the world too, many of my creations have travelled and gone to places I would love to see myself.

I’m Eclectic I know, and in the future, I may streamline my creations for you to see more of a ‘brand’. In each creation, I sell a little bit of my creative love in everything I do and hope that goes on as long as I do.

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoy your wander around my website, feel free to browse and if you do buy one of my creations, it will be a pleasure to package it up, knowing it’s are going to its new forever home.

Enjoy having a look around Saz Spratt xx

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