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Feather blank A6 card, Angel card, black and white artwork

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Here is a fine, pen and ink drawing of a simple, yet beautiful feather. White feathers are associated with angels and this would be a loving sympathy card to give support to a loved one. Feather themed cards can also be given as a symbol of support and guidance, peace and love and as a beautiful image for any occasion.

When my late mother could see she created commission work and beautifully drawn fine artwork. Due to Type One Diabetes she lost the majority of her eyesight when I was born. Her artwork is too good to lay hidden away, so the idea of these cards was inspired.

Carefully printed from her original artwork these A6 cards are left blank for your own words and are here for you to enjoy. They are packaged in a biodegradable bag with an ivory recycled envelope and are printed on recycled card. Postage will be with care, including a card insert for protection.

20% of proceeds are donated to Diabetes UK in her memory and the cards are available individually or in packs.

Price Deals which can be mixed and matched on these cards are: 2 for £2.50, 3 for £4.00, 4 for £5.50, 5 for £7.00, 6 for £8.50, 7 for £10.00 and 8 for £11.50. Please add your quantity and I can organise the costs for you.

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Handmade with love and care for you.

Missy’s Matters was created after many years of craft working as a hobby. Since a young age I have made things amounting to hundreds of charitable donations. The majority of the things I made were with my late mother and were donated to Moorfields Eye Hospital, who saved a little bit of her sight, so that they could raise funds in their gift shop, in order to help others. Now is the time to open my shop so that you can share the special gifts I make dedicated to her. In line with the childhood ethos I grew up with some donations from sales will be made to charities to support the local places mentioned on each item.

Working from home is perfect for me as I suffer from RP (Relapsing Polychondritis). RP causes me a lot of pain as it is an autoimmune condition where my body attacks my cartilidge. Cartilidge can be found throughout the body and RP causes agressive flares where my inflammatory arthritis in my joints gets worse, ribs hurt (costochondritis), nose bleeds, ears are red and sore and throat is hoarse and sore. It also makes me very tired. Even sitting down is sore because of coccydnia.

By owning my shop I am able to use my qualifications from A-Levels and previous work to make things for you. Felt is a wonderful material to design and craft soft toys from and in the 1950s when my mother was only a teenager she discovered just how well it would work. From her original patterns cut from old cereal boxes and anything she could find, come the toys of Missy’s Matters. Why should her creations stay lost and never seen? They bring her memory alive and create that all too important present moment for you to enjoy.

The soft toys are designed for all children, have been CE tested and are hand washable. Eyes are made from felt and I use polyester filling to stuff the toy to comply with safety testing. Missy’s Matters also creates cards, jewellery, painted shells, knitted items, artwork, paintings, cross stitch, cushions, boxed framed art and more. Keep an eye on my listings to see what is new! Generally speaking colour is my thing to create a bright, cheerful light in your life. I love to study the natural world, environment, industrial heritage, architecture and pets. Indeed, Missy is our dog so these items are her Matters!

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