Elf Isolation Jar with Elf

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Elf isolatiom. Comes with Elf, Elf face mask, Toilet roll, Hand sanatizer and Santa’s lost button. Can add name of your little one. Comes with LED colour changing light. Battery operated and turns on and off. Perfect for Christmas 2020.

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15 years ago I started crafting as a hobby and due to illness I decided to do it full time I’m and now run a successful Facebook page called lioness creations it takes my mind off pain and keeps me very busy and I find crafting to be very therapeutic. My partner Iain is also my full time care and gave up his job as joiner to care for me. He also helps me run Lioness Creations He is especially good with wood work and makes guitars, candle holders and wax burners! He helps me with things I struggle with. We make a great team. Proceeds from all sales go to charity.

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All of our customers information is only kept in order book and on Paypal itself any other information about the customer is destroyed after the item is made and sent and the customer is satisfied with their goods. This includes names and addresses and payment information. The only copy is kept as above via PayPal itself or my order book. When order is sent and customer is happy then they're address and payment information is blanked out with a blank stamp. Also if I happened to share information on social media like the customers name I always ask for their permission beforehand as I do understand and appreciate people do not always want their names tagged on social media and respect their privacy.

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1.If there is anything you want but you cannot see it, then please message me and I will try my best to get the item you want to be made.
2. Purchases must be paid within 24 hours.
3. If your item is being made, a deposit of HALF the total cost must be paid in full before I make the item.
4. I do show all my handmade items on my Facebook page and Group.
5. I am open and honest about my materials. If any are silver plated or materials may cause allergies then I will make sure customers are aware of this. Please SPECIFY ANY ALLERGIES or indeed preferences when you make your order.
6. If you require a specific material for your bespoke item (such as a certain metal, wood etc.,) and, I do not have it in stock, I will pre-order it but, you must pay the cost of the material ordered upfront.
7.Payments via PayPal, bank transfer, cheque and postal order are all accepted however, cheques need to be cleared before any item will be sent out. Please note all PayPal and bank information will remain private and confidential and information will be destroyed after payments have gone through.
8.As you all know, I do suffer with illness and severe pain which can sometimes lead to orders being delayed. Also, Iain helps me with everything I do and make so I ask you kindly to be patient with me and of course, I will make you aware of any such delays should they occur.
9.As you can understand I am very busy with orders and I do need Iain's help, so please allow between 10-14 days for orders to go through and to be sent out, of course I will keep you updated on the progress of your order(s). If you require a faster turnaround time, then please message me privately and I will of course, see what I can do.
10.If I need to pre-order any items please allow up to 21 days for the item to arrive and be shipped to you as some of our suppliers are based abroad.
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12.If your item is broken on arrival, please send photographic proof to us and, we will review the evidence and a refund may or may not be given, due to the circumstances of breakage/damage etc., This may be due to shipment processes of course in which case, we would be looking for compensation from our shipment service provider. Of course a decision may be made on the spot and a refund sent to you immediately, or a replacement will be sent out to the buyer, but please be aware that you will incur further postage fees should you require a replacement.
13.If your shipment fails to reach you, we will then revert to our shipment service provider. we will do our very best to chase it up with our proof of postage, a compensation form will be completed and of course, we will be asking said shipment provider to compensate/reimburse us, once this is fully completed, the buyer(s) will then be refunded in full. We do not accept any returns.
14.MOST of my customers do not mind me mentioning their name and showing their completed order pictures both on Facebook and The Group page, this is merely for others to see when it is completed, as a marketing campaign. In fact, round 99% of my customers love to do this, and also leave their feedback and reviews, which I very much appreciate.
15.My customers or sample testers will be asked to leave feedback and reviews, you can leave these without your name, just message me and I will sort that for you
16.Please respect one another and be polite always.
17.Because of my medical condition, I sometimes find it difficult to work as hard as I usually would when well. I have made everyone aware of this already as above. However, I work hard to keep the page and Group running smoothly. I may run these differently to how you would, but everyone is different and I fully understand that. Should you have any great ideas or suggestions which may improve my methods of the running of the page and Group, then all suggestions and ideas would be very much appreciated, I believe we all know that things can be improved on in any area of work
18.If you are unhappy about something, please bring this to my attention immediately and I will do my very best to resolve your complaint to our mutual benefit and your satisfaction. No one likes to complain but I would encourage you to do so if you truly have a problem, as I would love to keep your custom and improve my services.

Covid 19
There may be delays with postal and delivery services due to staff in reasons and also it been their busiest time. So please be understanding and paitent if there are any delays.
There may also be delays within lioness creations due to above delays but also if there are certain restrictions, materials may take time to arrive also. We apologize for any delays.
I also want to reassure all my customers that all our workstations are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as well as sanitised in regular intervals and after every make has been completed. all items and packaging are also disinfected and wipe down also before we send them. When we make products we always wear gloves especially when we make wax melts or candles or Bath bombs etc we also wear face masks and her next and aprons as well as gloves. We are also CLP compliant and CLP approved. All our products are tried and tested. And we are also insured.
Thank you.

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User privacy and data protection are human rights.
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It may be shared for compliance with legal, regulatory and law enforcement requests as appropriate and necessary. I will endeavour to notify you of any such requests. I am not responsible for how these third parties process your data, please visit their websites to read their privacy policies.

We use Conscious Crafties website to trade and complete your purchase. Your data is secured, stored and retained by Conscious Crafties to complete your purchase. We do not hold hard copies of your data and any data collected is held only as long as is necessary to carry out your order and to maintain adequate and accurate business and financial records (7 years).

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Our data controller is insert shop name here
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This privacy policy may change from time to time inline with legislation or industry developments. We will not explicitly inform our users of these changes. Instead, we recommend that you check this page occasionally for any policy changes. Specific policy changes and updates will be mentioned in the change log below:
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We use cookies to track use and allow customers to purchase from our website. Please note that these cookies do not contain or pass any personal, confidential or financial information or any other information that could be used to identify individual visitors or customers purchasing from our website. Please note that you are free to refuse cookies by disabling them in your browser settings. However, for purely technical reasons this may prevent you from purchasing from our website. This is because anonymous cookies are commonly used to keep track of the contents of customers shopping baskets during the checkout process. This facility ensures that the items added to (or removed from) your basket are accurately stated when you go to pay.

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