Eco Friendly Handmade Cat Teaser Wand, Great Natural Toy for Cats to Chase (Copy)

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You can choose the colour of your handle from the following colours:

  • Sangria Red
  • Slate Grey
  • Egyptian Blue
  • Pansy Purple
  • Sweet Pink
  • Liliac Grey
  • Rosemary Green
  • Plain – No Paint

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An eco-friendly beautiful, simple yet elegant cat wand with 100% cotton cord tassel and decorative handle.

The wooden wand has been sanded with the finest of sandpaper to give a lovely smooth finish.

The handle has been hand painted with Non-toxic animal friendly paint to add simple elegance and a touch of colour.

The tassel has been careful made to be a strong as possible while looking great.

Two holes have been drilled on the wand to keep the cord in place without using glue and the cord is wrapped in place to make the end look beautiful even when in play.

The tassel hangs on a long string to allow for different heights of play with your cat.

The cat wand will entertain your cat give you hours of playtime together and allow you to strengthen your bond.  Cats have an instinct to hunt.  Both indoor only cats and sometimes-outdoor cats need play opportunities that mimic prey.  Cats who lack a variety of play opportunities can become bored, frustrated, depressed, stressed and can lead to behavioural issues.


Materials:  100% Cotton Cord, Wooden Dowel, Wooden Bead

Colour:  Lake Blue

Wooden Wand:  30 cm Long

Tassel:  8cm Long

Cord:  80cm Long (From top of tassel to Dowel)

Benefits of Playtime with a wand Toy:

• It is Fun – reducing boredom

• Strengthens the bond between you and your cat

• Provides an opportunity to hunt, chase and play

• Excellent mental stimulation

• Easy way to release pent-up energy

• Helps shy cats to build trust

Remember to supervise your cat with this toy and not to leave it unattended.

Please see other listings for a range of colours.

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