Drink Me Potion Pendant



These glittery Blue Drink Me Potion Pendants are sure to make every Alice in Wonderland happy! (To be clear, the potions cannot be consumed for real.)

*The bottle is filled to the brim with sparkly blue and sports a handmade label as well as a small silver key.

*The label is painted with coffee and burned around the edges before being glued to the bottle.

*The bottle is approximately 3 cm long and 1,2 cm wide.

*Comes with a black cotton cord that is approximately 77 cm long total.

*Materials used are glass bottle, UV-resin, glitter, chalk pastel, cord and nickel-free steel.

*Due to being handmade, each bottle will vary slightly from one another.

*Please note that the colours may vary slightly due to light condition when the photo was taken. I do my best to edit the photos so as to show the colours as true as possible. The text on the labels is easily read which the photos does not necessarily show.

DUE TO COVID PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: Delivery time may be delayed due to limited postal and transport services. Also make sure your country does not have any postal restrictions as this shop is based in Sweden.


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