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Crafties Rock Button Badge. A great badge for all Crafties, to shout loud and proud about CC. Wear your badge with pride, and let the world know that Crafties rock. The badge looks great worn as a fashion accessory.

This design is printed on high quality paper, cut and pressed into the button badge components with a piece of protective mylar to cover the design. Perfect for jazzing up jackets, bags and backpacks, pencil cases, caps, cushions and other home furnishings. A button badge is a little piece of happiness that you can take with you anywhere.

Available in 25mm, 38mm or 58mm.
Choose from coloured text on a white background, or white text on a coloured background.

1. Select your badge size.
2. Select your colour option. (Option 1: Coloured text; Option 2: Coloured background.)
3. Let us know your chosen colour using the COLOUR box (see below for available colours)

Colours available:
Black, Brown, Green, Teal Green, Lime Green, Pink, Dark Pink, Red, Orange, Light Purple, Purple, Lilac, Blue, Navy Blue, Turquoise.

All of our badges are lovingly handmade to order so when you buy from Catching Dreams Crafts you know that your order has been made especially for you. We hope you love your purchase just as much as we loved creating it for you. We’re happy to take custom orders so please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s something you would really love to have on your badge. Large orders are also accepted.

Please Note:
The badges have a pin fastening and aren’t suitable for young children. We do have safety backs that can be added on request for 38mm/58mm sizes.
As these items are handmade, they may vary slightly from the picture.
​Any glare on the badges is just from the photo and will not be on the finished badge.​​

​©Catching Dreams Crafts 2019. All rights reserved

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25mm, 38mm, 58mm


Option 1, Option 2

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Crafties really do Rock!

Posted on13th July 2017 by Karen - Crafties Founder

I ordered the ever so cute pink badges and they are going on EVERYTHING! The perfect way to help #CraftiesTakeOverTheWorld with these #CraftiesRock badges! Thanks so much Joanna! xoxoxo

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